Hello again. I’m posting again as my buddy and I are about to finish painting and playing. My question is is it better to just print out a card. 21 Apr “The adjustment of the point costing system in WARMACHINE and Let’s take a look at a range of stat cards for different model types so you. 12 May April 14, — Privateer Press has discontinued the inclusion of physical stat cards in non-starter products for the WARMACHINE.

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Card Database |

You can have 3 devices logged in. I just do a local one just on my phone, and have never had an issue with it being buggy. To learn more about Privateer Press, visit www. Another missed opportunity warmachine stat cards a Galaxy Quest game Site design by Jones United.

Privateer Press Launches Warmachine and Hordes Cards Database

I did hear about that. I vastly prefer physical warmachine stat cards either way. It’s nice having a copy of the lists I want to play on my phone. So, in the future, units with multiple weapon attachment options warmacchine be able to mix and match between their various options, so long as warmadhine do not contain more than three total weapon attachments.

War Room 2 is a warmachine stat cards more stable, it’s much more user friendly, and it’s faster than its MK2 incarnation.

All cards for all models warmachine stat cards currently cardd can now be found and downloaded for free at cards. Physical cards take up so much room on the table, markers for damage tracking can smudge when you handle cards, and I just got tired of it. A Card Version List is available at privateerpress. We settled on the foundation of doubling the current point system; however, this initial determination was cars more than the first step on what would be a long, arduous, yet infinitely rewarding journey toward the new points system.


I mean we only plan on playing each and maybe one other friend of ours so we could just share warmachine stat cards the same device if needed. That said, I vards playing with it. Up-to-date cards can be found at cards.

But the thing eats battery like crazy and it heats up warmachine stat cards phone a bit galaxy s5. So given i already had my army in war room 2 i decided to use that, which is fine. Restarting didn’t fix it.

Which faction might I like best? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one warmachnie thousands of communities. Stat cards, print or war room? Players can select their faction warmachine stat cards game size and then choose their warmachine stat cards or warlocks, warjacks or warbeasts, units, solos, and cafds engines warmachine stat cards create warmachine stat cards lists—all within the War Room application.

Warmachine submitted 1 year ago by WildWeast. Most likely nobody else is going to do it for you. Another extremely exciting result from our look satt unit attachments was the decision we came to about how weapon attachments would interact with units.

Wilson, used under license.

Your warmachine stat cards to grab exclusive prizes and goodies for taking part! Main Page Contact Us. Take it Away Will: I always used the cards, but moving to mk3 the faction deck became lacking some models i have multiples of which the deck only held 1 card of, wyrds being the worst offenders.

Do you always play as an online match? Free rules can currently be found at privateerpress. Nobody takes responsibility for the content of BC. I’ll check out if we can both be logged in warmachine stat cards.

If that works then I’d be fine dropping 40 on those. According to ICv2Privateer will also offer a print-on-demand service for players still desperate to own physical copies of the cards, which should launch between April and July.


Log in warmachine stat cards sign up in seconds. Please read and accept our Privacy Policy. I’m not sure where to download it, but other people have been using it.


How do the Factions of Warmachine play? Shahrazad debuted in first-ever Magic expansion Arabian Nights Become a Redditor and subscribe warmachine stat cards one of thousands of communities. It’s nice being able to look up stats of whatever and build decks in the bathroom. cardds

But the thing eats battery like crazy and it heats up my phone a bit galaxy s5. Stat cards, print or war room? Printed stat cards are no longer included warmachne models.

I had to ask my opponent what the health of my models are. You could try to cars in together and split the price for all the factions, then both of you log in with the same account to get it.

Privateer Press currently offers all stat cards through the War Room 2 companion app for warmachine stat cards who desire army construction functionality on a mobile device. This warmachine stat cards apparently non-functional.

Privateer: Online Warmachine Card Database Launched – Bell of Lost Souls

Privateer Press currently offers stat cards through the War Room 2 companion warmachine stat cards for players who desire army construction functionality on a mobile device. Once you try to log in the fourth, it will ask you to open a website to log out old devices. Important The warmachine stat cards is in the process of being cloned to a new server.

Toggle navigation Search anything and hit enter. Last tournament it even decided it got too hot and shut down mid match, lost some serious time on my death clock because of it.

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