VESDA buys time to investigate an alarm and initiate an appropriate Page provides description, system operation, applications, related solutions and literature. Notifier by Honeywell is a manufacturer of fire protection products such as AFP- , addressable Fire Alarm Panels, smoke detectors and evacuation systems. VESDA aspirating smoke detectors buy the critical time needed to investigate an alarm and initiate an appropriate response to prevent injury, property damage.

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Fire Suppression Systems go. VESDA buys time to investigate an alarm and initiate an appropriate response to prevent injury, property damage or business disruption.

VESDA Air Sampling

Simply, VESDA can be installed anywhere that a conventional smoke detector system can, but with greater flexibility. The benefits and details of which can be viewed via the drop-down list above. Conventional smoke detectors can become faulty and access equipment will need to be deployed, this can be extremely disruptive to operation and it is also dangerous.

Smoke levels can be tracked and identified against time and density. General Fire and Safety also provides excellent veda on all devices including smoke and heat detectors including VESDA fire systems.

Fire Shield A conventional fire alarm solution for small to fiee locations.

VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detection

This allows for cost-effective, comprehensive detection coverage of highly sensitive areas such as datacenters. The condensation is collected at a condensate water trap and dry air arrives for sampling by the VESDA detector.

VESDA detectors are located outside the cold environment, with aspirating pipe work located within the risk or outside the risk with capillary smoke sampling heads located within the risk! Fire Products and Systems go. Cold temperatures will ice up the optical chambers of conventional smoke detectors rendering the system useless.


VESDA smoke detectors hold more certifications than any other aspirating smoke detectors in the world. VESDA smoke detectors have events log memory. From the filter, the air sample goes through the calibrated detection chamber where it is exposed to a laser light source. Large tech corporations trust VESDA for their fire and gas detection needs because of its reliable technology and state-of-the-art early detection warning, giving them the ultimate protection for valuable assets, and equipment.

They detect unseen hazards by conditioning or filtering the air to remove moisture, dirt and other particulates. Posting Date – Closing Date Salary The early smoke detection of the VESDA system actively samples the air for even the smallest particles of smoke to detect a fire at its earliest stage.

For example, VESDA detection will be better suited to a warehouse with smoke detectors situated at high levels. Premier level of service and trained to handle the most difficult of applications. Effectiveness also depends on the type of gas detection needed, airflow, pressure, and temperature.

VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detection : Products : Xtralis

Fire Protection Products go. Aspirating pipe will replace the smoke detectors at high level, with holes in the aspirating pipe replacing the smoke detectors. In short, the complex nature of the varying environments found within healthcare facilities demand fire detection systems capable of coping with a wide range of threats and nuisance alarm sources by offering design flexibility for different environments while providing guaranteed reliable protection throughout operational life.

Preferably VESDA detection samples the air across the return plenums of the vesad conditioning systems which provide primary smoke detection! VESDA smoke detection was traditionally used for specialist smoke detection environments.


Using continuous air sampling to detect fires in their earliest stage, VESDA detectors reliably measure very low to extremely high concentrations of smoke. VESDA smoke detection use in conjunction with conventional smoke detection is a perfect match. Conventional smoke alark struggle to activate with volumous air passing through their chambers. Diagnostic and testing facilities — such as MRI centers, radiology rooms, and allarm laboratories — typically combine high-energy high-cost technology with hazardous chemical, radioactive or biological material.

Careers at Fire Suppression.

It should also provide unobtrusive maintenance that will not disrupt operations or for spaces with restrictive access through centralized maintenance. Genesis Series Advanced Notification Featuring sysfem latest in notification technology, combined with inconspicuous looks and features to blend in with any facility.

Highly effective yet simple monitoring and control with screen quadrants that are organized, context-sensitive, and event-driven. VESDA smoke detection for Ceiling voids With the recommendations of the BS that stipulates that any ceiling void over mm in depth must firs treated as the area below. We provide expert fire alarm inspections, fire alarm testing, and service on fire alarm equipment from all manufacturers on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

The first stage removes dust and dirt from the air sample before it enters the laser detection chamber.

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