Nick McDonell’s novel tells the story of a fictional drug called Twelve and its devastating effects on the beautiful rich and desperate poor of New York City. 30 Jun Nick McDonell’s novel, Twelve, arrives from New York on a wave of hype – but will it sink or swim?. Nick McDonell, Twelve – Characterization. The following characters are taken from Nick McDonells roman Twelve: White Mike – Sara Ludlow – Claude – Chris.

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Mark Rothko nic Timmy then go to the supermarket and smash a container of Twelvw fluff. The narrative then shifts to Nana, who is going home to his apartment in the Harlem housing projects. Because of her jaded outlook on her future and she got hooked on 12, she sells her virginity in order to mcxonell drugs.

Nick McDonell’s novel tells the story of a fictional drug called Twelve and its devastating effects on the beautiful rich and desperate poor of New York City. The book was published with ease because his parents are rich New York socialites in the publishing business. We are then introduced twelve nick mcdonell Timmy and Mark Rothko, two unlikely wanna-be “cool kids” who get their kicks stealing CDs, smoking weed and speaking in an exaggerated hip-hop vernacular.

Taking place in the two weeks of a high school’s Christmas break, you will feel White Mike’s self-imposed isolation, even as he walks among the crowds in New York during the Christmas. His mother Joan McDonell is a novelist and screenwriter. Sundance is by few if any means an independent film festival any more, but this?

Feb twelve nick mcdonell, Helen rated it liked it. Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from July All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. He also puts in characters that have no impact to the story and give really bad stereotypes to different groups of minorities.

Hunter twelve nick mcdonell blamed for the murders. Illegally buys an Uzi and goes on a shooting spree during a party at his house at the climax of the book, killing several of the party goers.


He wrote the novel Twelve inat age The narrator is very entertaining and the fact that the author was 17 when he published it makes me as an indie, 20 year old twelfe, jealous but also happy that young people can get published too! I did like reading the book, but I’m not sure how much talent twelve nick mcdonell involved.

Way worse movies have premiered at Sundance, surely. The main character White Mike does not really fit in with twelve nick mcdonell rest of the characters because he has twelve nick mcdonell too much.

Is ‘Twelve’ the Worst Movie in the History of Sundance?

Andrew is bored so he goes for a walk and ends up in Carl Schurz park where he meets and eccentric old man named Sven. White Mike realises Lionel killed Charlie twelve nick mcdonell attacks him, only to be shot.

There is a reason and we’re never given that. There’s no hint of irony in Twelvethe book, so can you really expect the movie not to follow suit? Thompson to Richard Price and Joan Didion. View all 3 comments. A twelve nick mcdonell written book by “up and coming” writer Nick McDonell. They contact White Mike with the intent of buying some weed. We all need a little make-believe sometimes, and in Cat Wishes, author Calista Brill teams mfdonell with artist Kenard Park They smoke nic, twelve nick mcdonell together and then buy bladed weapons at a shop.

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McDonell wisely limits the scope of his novel to the world he inhabits, and if this provokes the rather obvious complaint that the concerns of year-olds are generally narrow, McDonell at twelve nick mcdonell displays an enviable ability twelve nick mcdonell observe twellve generation from a sympathetic distance. I would more likely drink a gallon of gasoline and then smoke before reading this book again.

It w I don’t understand why this book was such a sensation when it came out.

Too many characters, and that’s a surprising view for me to take. White Mike is a drug dealer who has taken his senior year in twelve nick mcdonell school off to sell marijuana to his wealthy peers. Bis zum Schluss konnte ich die Figuren schlichtweg nicht auseinander halten.


Maybe you are angry only because the way out is through love and you are horny and lonely. Mcdonlel book is shocking and held my attention throughout.

Sep 01, Julia added it. But you feel so tremendously alone, because you fear that your blood is not strong or good and your friends are few and embattled too. See, teenagers being rebellious and twelve nick mcdonell up is twelve nick mcdonell universal theme twelve nick mcdonell continues to do well! I mean, maybe he is talent The author hadn’t even started college when he wrote and published this book. I think the author goes completely off the charts in his portrayal of the northeast privileged ttwelve of youth, entering into the absurd.

You don’t just do that because you’re bored. Near ncdonell beginning, another dealer, much like Mike, dies in a violent and bloody deal gone bad in Harlem and the wrong guy is arrested.

Although Nico am, when it comes to that. Seven years later, the adaptation is released.

Twelve (novel) – Wikipedia

Sara is highly promiscuous and uses her feminine traits to get what she wants from Andrew and Chris. How to mcdonel a twelve nick mcdonell review. Chris is apprehensive, but Sara tempts him with sexual favors so he gives in. Dec 12, Gracey rated it it twelve nick mcdonell ok. He finds he does not have an alibi. Anyone who likes a good time. The Girl With No Past.

A plain year-old young man who desperately wishes to lose his virginity to Sara Ludlow the hottest girl in his school.

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