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T. Henry Moray makes some final adjustments in tuning his radiant energy device to tap zero-point vacuum energy. THE MORAY RADIANT ENERGY DEVICE. The “free energy” invention of T. Henry Moray is probably the most famous and well witnessed in the history of the field. The best version of the device was. Thomas Henry Moray (August 28, – May 18, ) was an inventor from Salt Lake City, Moray’s device followed other work on nuclear batteries first done in by Henry A counter culture has developed with claims about alternative energy, citing Moray as a leading example of lost opportunity and of free energy.

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If true, it represents a high cost for electricity compared to other sources, except in special situations like space research [3].

Thomas Henry Moray – Wikipedia

This is moday place in the universe all the time. In the ‘s and ‘s he steadily improved his devices, particularly his detector tube, the only real secret of the device according to Moray himself. Moray himself died in May Moray and the work he is carrying on, and t.nenry tat time he has demonstrated inventive ability of an exceptional order. His imagination was especially fired by Tesla’s claims to have knowledge of an energy source greater than ordinary electricity, and by Tesla’s emphasis on frequencies as the stuff of the universe.

Where does the earth’s source of energy come from? Only about one in four proved suitable for operation. Bob Nolin added it Jan 10, Sherbon marked it as to-read Oct 24, It was a commercial condenser Returning home, his diploma and credentials were interrupted by World War I, and the University mailed him these items in after the war.


This action of these devices has the effect of enlarging and prolonging the time of charge and discharge of the capacitors and the capacity energy in the circuit to an appreciable interval in perfect harmony with the natural energy wave through the interceptor’s valves and oscillators in the circuit which set up in the circuit electrical pulsations corresponding to the energy waves captured by the interceptor and again kept from returning to the second outer circuit by “multi-walled” valves.

Thus the major part of Moray’s thesis—that vacuum itself contains unlimited energy—is vindicated today.

Warren marked it as to-read Jul 05, To ask other readers questions about The Energy Machine of T. He has also worked out numerous radio hookups which eliminate many of the parts now considered necessary for good reception, yet there is no diminution in quality or volume; in fact, there is a notable elimination of interference from static when some of these are used. When the recovery becomes distinctly oscillatory, a harmonic pattern is initiated and the oscillations continue, resonance thereby being established with the universe.

The RE tubes present no new laws of physics. Our starting point from the discovery of these different waves was electrical conductivity of the air, and it has been found that this conductivity is just as strong by night as by day. Mr Jensen placed his fingers on the binding posts several times, and at last received a rather vigorous shock; Mr Moray then threw the switch and the globes lighted Everything else I let them examine to their hearts’ content.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Don’t allow a series of darlington morwy transistors control an outlet. But in the face of all of this, the U. Sometimes while developing this stuff, we use live wires to save time researching, then replace the parts if there is a destructive mistake.

Internally the device was electrically dead when it had not been connected and tuned to the antenna. These sense the energy buildup in the capacitor, one charging positive, the other negative, and, at a certain charge level, are attracted, touch, and thus fire the capacitor.


The watt lamp did not light under any condition or hookup.

The Energy Machine of T. Henry Moray: Zero-Point Energy & Pulsed Plasma Physics

The phenomenon of interference leads to the conclusion that light is the result of periodic disturbances or vibrations of the medium, but as to the nature of these vibrations, as to the exact nature of the periodic changes or what it is that changes them, we possess no knowledge. It’s a proven practical reality, as hundreds of people know who have witnessed the Moray Radiant Energy invention powered from the cosmos.

When the body is discharged the medium is once more set free and resumes its former condition. Dr Ross Gunn, a civilian scientist for the US Navy, stated years ago that the earth is a huge generator, generating over million amperes of electric current continuously.

During this test nothing in the machine heated up; instead, all parts of the circuit ran absolutely sold. He was able to show that none of the energy came from within his device.

Osiris Oliphant marked it as to-read Jun 24, The oscillations are sustained as long as it remains properly tuned and the external circuit is completed through a suitable load.

He then connected it and the light appeared again. Electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic phenomena and gravitation itself point in the same direction.

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