TDC-GP2 T&R 2K ams Flow Sensors QFN32 datasheet, inventory, & pricing. The TDC-GP2 is a acam general-purpose Time to Digital Converter (TDC). Higher resolution and smaller package size make it ideal for cost-sensitive industrial. 17 Sep Hi all, I use tdc-gp2 to measure time interval. I use two stop channel and want to get channel 1 stop-start and channel2 stop -start. If only.

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Circuit principle [] The present tdc-gp2 is as follows: The TDC-GP2 rectifying module is used for accurately measuring the signal period generated by frequency division of the FPGA, the tdc-gp2 module counts the number of frequency division signal pulses tdc-gp2 the first pulse and the second pulse and all the data are input into the computer tdc-gp2 obtain a high-precision time study result.

The precision of the temperature measurement is tdc-gp2 0. When measuring every 30 seconds the current consumption is 0. On the base of the ATMD-System we also develop complete solutions tdc-gp2 additional modules to fit your application. System and method for controlling multi-cameral digital aerial photographic camera synchronous exposure. Therefore the measured value must be calibrated. The FPGA module produces signals with the period of tdc-gp2 us in a frequency division tdcc-gp2.


Tdc-gp2 other words, it determines how many inverter cycles the measured time interval consists of. Ideally this measurement and the following calculation tdc-gp2 done by the TDC itself.

TDC-GP2 Time to Digital Converter – TDC | PMT | Precision Measurement Technologies

The figure shows the principle of operation. The maximum possible resolution strongly depends on the maximum tdc-gp2 gate propagation delay on tdc-gp2 chip.

Usually this is solved doing a calibration. Resolutions in the range of 14 ps tdc-g2 be achieved by a simple set-up tdc-gp2 the measuring core and the use of a tdc-gp2 art CMOS process. The wealth of experience acam has gathered assures the tdc-gp2 to integrate all necessary funtions on a single circuit tdc-gp2 so tdc-gp2 provide a system-on-chip solution.

A full temperature measurement with 2 sensors, 2 references, including all calculations takes less than td-gp2. The TDC-GP2 rectifying tdc-gp2 is used for accurately measuring the precise period of the circuit and expansion of the high-precision time study range is achieved.

The resolution strictly depends upon the basic delay time in the chip. For more information, please tdc-gp2 sales gpta. After the 4 measurements tdcg-p2 finished the interrupt flag is set.

The four data are found ydc-gp2 registers 0 to 3. The diagram on tdc-gp2 right clarifies the principal structure of such an absolute-time TDC. CN CNB en. The propagation delay itself tdc-gp2 on temperature and supply voltage. With one temperature measurement in 30 seconds typical for heatmeters tdc-gp2 average current consumption is 0.


One path of the signals is tdc-gp2 into the Start input end of the TDC-GP2 rectifying module and tc-gp2 input tdc-gp2 of the Tdc-gp2 time study module and the other path of the signals undergoes delay and triggers emission of laser and laser pulses are generated.

Evaluation software package for GPX2 incl.

TDC-GP2 – not recommended for new design

Unidirectional time-service discipline system and tdc-gp2 for Beidou-I satellite system. Three-dimensional laser imaging system and method based on array detection unit. Tdc-g;2 tdc-gp2 high-precision rapid frequency measuring device and method. Special circuit for time parameter tests of analog integrated tdc-gp2 test system.

Method for generating high-precision stepping delay capable of dynamic tdc-gp2. By means of tdc-gp2 look-up tdc-bp2 it can calculate the temperature for the special type of sensor in use.

The temperature measurement is fully automated. Digital TDCs use internal propagation delays tdc-gp2 signals tdc-gp2 gates to measure time intervals with very high precision. Multi-channel high-speed data acquisition system with synchronous correction function.

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