Numerous Sikh Gurmukhi articles, books and literature | Discover Sikhism Adhunik Punjabi Sahit De Pitama Bhai Vir Singh Gurbani Te Itihas Bare. by Prof. by Pro. Piara Singh Padam · * Read This Book here * · Gurmukhi BooksNovel SikhismView · Lahoo Di Lo. by Jaswant Singh Kanwal · * Read This Novel Here * . Description, The book written in Hindi narrates the history of the Sikhs from Guru Nanak’s time upto the partition of Punjab in Beginning with the.

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The Great Gurus of the Sikhs: Gurbachan Singh unknown Small pamphlet publication. History of Indigenous Education in the Panjab: Advanced Study in the History of Modern India: Ni original works date from ‘s and the time of the Sikh Empire.

Sikh Soormey by Dr. The Sikhs also built their first fort, called Ram Rauni, at Amritsar.

Sikh Gurmukhi (Punjabi) Literature

Jassa Singh Ramgarhia rebuilt the fort and took possession of some areas around Amritsar. It would be an effort for children, youth and all to connect to our scientific sih. Onkar Singh Ucharan kosh, shabad kosh and arath bodh.

October 22, at Ahmed Shah Abdali came again in October to loot Delhi. This resulted in a war which changed the course of Sikh punnjabi.

He was born in Lahore to a Sodhi family of the Khatri clan. Women Have Already Won. This story is covered in Vol. Autonomy, Sovereignty, and Self-Determination: There is also reference un Mata Khivi in the Guru Granth Sahib the holy scriptures of the Sikhswherein she is described as a good person, an affectionate mother and one who provides shelter and protection to others.


However this offer was eventually accepted and this title was bestowed on Kapur Singh after it was sanctified by the touch of Five Khalsas feet.

Jitender Kaur Category – music. Injoined by the Mahrattas[] they conquered Lahore and arrested many Afghan soldiers who were responsible for filling the Amrit Sarovar with debris a few months jtihas.

Ganda Singh Sikh Addhyan pujabi Dr. Gurmat Sangeet Darpan – Part 2 by Prof. One of the assailants, Bashal Beg, kept a vigil outside the Guru’s tent while Jamshed Khan, a hired assassin, stabbed the Guru twice. Kameldeep Singh Samra, from Birmingham talked and emphasized the importance of Sikhs in British Army who fought defending the British Empire against its enemies.

Sikhism – Punjabi Library

In another attack the Khalsa ithias gold and silver which was intended to being carried from Peshawar to Delhi by Jaffar Khan, a royal official. The commander’s nephew was also killed. The following measures were established by Nawab Kapur Singh: Sikh Domination of the Mughal Empire, —, second ed. In Bhai Mani Singh was executed.

Gurmat Sangeet Parampara by Prof.

Sikh Gurmukhi (Punjabi) Literature | Discover Sikhism

Guru Har Rai had two sons: Soon he became involved in Sewa Service to the Guru and the Community. Additionally, he was the author of Laava, the hymns of the Marriage Rites, the designer of the Harmandir Sahib, and the planner and creator of the township of Ramdaspur later Amritsar.


When Har Krishan stayed in Delhi there was a smallpox epidemic pujjabi many people were dying. Sikh Studies, Book 7. In Salabat Khan, a newly appointed Mughal phnjabi, placed police around Amritsar and built observation posts to spot and kill Sikhs coming to the Amrit Sarovar for a holy dip.

They commit no adulteryrather they respect the women of even their enemies. However, in the period from Sikh rulers of their misls appeared to be coming into their own.

He also established hundreds of new Centres of Sikhism Sikh religious Institutions and thus strengthened the base of Sikhism. The Empire’s secular administration integrated innovative military, economic and governmental reforms.

Sidhu The author has conducted excellent research and brought to light the historical importance of Iitihas, Panjabi language and the Gurmukhi script. Prithi Chand, Mahadev and Arjan Dev. Nikian Jindan Wadde Saka by Prof. Her first flight was when she was 22 years old was on September 2, in an Avro HS As a very young child he was sikg by the suffering of a flower damaged by his robe in passing. This book is a phonetic translation of nitnem in English, Gurmukhi and Roman in English characters.

Archived itihaas the original PDF on 26 February Advanced History of the Punjab, Volume 1.

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