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Watching and reading this shocked my mind and heart. Every year, during the last four decades, a Gurmat Samagam had been held on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd March under his personal supervision. In addition to this, a promise was given of no interference in all those places which were in the possession of Maskeen family. Why so much fondness for Maskeen ji?: You feel sant maskeen ji books in punjabi presence as if he is delivering these messages in person. Waheguru je ka khalsa Waheguru je ke fathe.

Sant Maskeen Ji is the only Katha Vachak I have heard in my life and I can say he santt greatly helped me in my understanding of Gurbani.

Books by Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen

Also read Gurbani, many times saits are compared to the Almigty. The nudity ridden, carnal-lust instigating idols of the Khajuraho temple in the state of Madhya Pradesh, which were sant maskeen ji books in punjabi there by people who lost their way, are seen as Gurmat by Maskeen Ji.

And this brahm Giani logic in which writer tries to assert that his followers use to project him as Brahm Gyani logic is so illogical altogther. However, he was not a man to give up easily. Maskeen Ji ;unjabi a very simple person who advocated simplicity.


Can Ardas Change Laws of Nature? When he spoke it came straight from heart and he was one of the few Real Saints of modern times.

Giani Sant Singh Maskeen

Ramjit Singh Mann – Sunday, June 24, 0. One ni I have learnt from him is if you are a true seeker you can follow any religion.

In he was married to Sunder Kaur and made Alwar his permanent home. This kn utter nonsense. Fir giani je ta ik anubhavi te abhiyasi purash te kathavachak san.

He always talked about people rather than talking about the Panth Sikh Panth.

Sant Singh Maskeen – Wikipedia

Not only did he have a thorough knowledge of Gurbanihis mastery of the holy scriptures of HindusMuslimsBuddhists and others allowed him to quote from them at will. It is just like a blind man who can not see light and he says because I can not see so there is no Sun. He will be cremated at Alwar on Sunday. Hindus gods and goddesses were dear to him but in his entire life he did not describe any principle from the Gurbani.

No one else can know. We can not get the happiness of GOD by so called knowledge. This is an anti sikh website so all things here are to destroy Sikhism. Guru granth sahib je de bani vich krishsn ram allaha sab da jikar hai Sab bathe ne ithe. I feel sorry for you. The true preachers are punished and silenced, yet those who are taking us further away from Gurbani are being rewarded and given fame! During Giani ji’s initial years of Gurmat Parchar sant maskeen ji books in punjabi had to struggle hard to sustain his mission because of his weak financial position.

He sant maskeen ji books in punjabi the Vishav Sikh Preacher Organization. What others are saying and arguing,at the time of very emotional moments, should hardly be any issue. Contact us Monday to Saturday – The money that public is faithfully donating in the Gurdwaras is being wasted in acts like this.


He became so engrossed in Gurbani that he soon became a learned narrator. Is the writer okay in the head??? It is beyond doubt that Giani Sant Singh Maskeen was the most venerated and best known religious scholar among the Sikhs.

Ones who are already flourishing are being given even more. Giani Sant Singh Maskeen was a colossal striding across the contemporary Sikh Society for nearly five decades.

Now here, we have to wait for his call to get in, meet and hug him. By the the way sant maskeen ji books in punjabi making money by lawful and just means is also not wrong.

Sant maskeen ji books in punjabi page was last edited on 9 Aprilat Simran leads us to WaheGuru Ji. I can understand your position. In some of his lectures, he in fact made negative points on them but he never refrained from crediting people if and when it was due. Harjinder Singh Dilgir – Friday, June 15, 0. May God help you to understand the truth.

We all corporeal beings are bound to destruction. His interest in religious studies did not wane even after he got married to Bibi Sundar Kaur in Though his family got pinjabi motor parts business, Giani Sant Singh Maskeen dedicated his life to religion.

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