All Rosco glass gobos can be used in Rosco Gobo Rotators. Other gobo rotators may require adaptor rings or spring clips for proper sizing and fit. Contact the. ably recommend that your custom gobo be manufactured at Rosco. Here’s why: All the gobos in this catalog (plus others) are shown on the site. You can. Many designers prefer to choose their gobos online. Rosco’s new Gobo Website makes it easier and faster. All the gobos in this catalog are shown on the site.

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Rosco Gobos • Visual Departures

ColorWaves create vivid dichroic color patterns such as waves and mosaics. Throughout his career, he has received several awards including: Lauren Proud has been with Rosco Laboratories since May, We won’t flood your inbox, and we won’t sell your info to anyone.

Patterns created by lighting designers that are available as iPro Slides or as Cool Ink plastic gobos. One of the coolest things about gobos is that you can make your own custom designs! G 5-Pointed Star Type: Not all designs are available in all sizes. Declan Randall is a South African born, London-based lighting, set and projection designer.


Different gobos can be used on each light and mixed on-stage to liven things up. Herrick Goldman specializes in lighting designs for theater, dance, events, and architecture. How Can We Help?

Custom Gobo Designs One of the coolest things about gobos is that you can make your own custom designs! Thank you for your inquiry. Film, Television and Broadcast. Please be sure to check out our blog, written by Allen Green — television director, professional photographer, and the president of Visual Departures.

Anne Militello is an award-winning lighting designer catlaog fine artist with a career spanning all aspects of creating with light. Tapio Rosenius is a Finnish designer, innovator, artist and an entrepreneur.

Attention: Dealers and Institutions!

C Size C Size available size catzlog special order. A superior, heat-resistant solution for projecting artwork with grey-scale elements or signature colors. We will respond as soon as possible during regular business hours. Stainless steel gobos selectively block light, often creating a stippled effect or more or less expressionistic shapes.

If you think other designers would use your gobo design — submit it! Glass Color – Scene Color: Custom Steel The most popular and affordable way to project a custom image at an event or production Custom Glass A superior, heat-resistant solution for projecting artwork with grey-scale elements or signature colors Custom Plastic An affordable option for projecting full color artwork — available as iPro Slides or Cool Ink plastic gobos Wedding and Special Event Custom Gobo Tool Choose graphics, fonts and borders to create a custom gobo using this interactive web-app.


Prismatics are usually fitted into moving lights and project kaleidoscopic patterns. His work can be viewed at www.

Premier Lighting – Rosco Gobo Catalog

A member of the Rosco team will get back to you as soon as possible. And gobos can be used like cogs — placed into a motorized gobo rotator, which can turn the gobo at various speeds for even more interesting displays.

His other credits include: Enter the contest and your gobo design may be cataoog next to gobos designed by world renowned lighting designers like Ken Billington, Tharon Musser, Allen Lee Hughes and Jules Fisher to name a few. Having worked with iconic brands such as Campbell Soup Company and British Airways, Lauren is well-positioned to write for Spectrum about the dynamic world of Marketing at Rosco.

Need help right away? Check out our frequently asked questions page here: Coming from outside of the entertainment lighting industry, Lauren brings a unique perspective to all things Marketing at Rosco.

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