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HENKEL QPL APPROVED CONVERSION COATINGS for the Aerospace Industry. Henkel Corporation. Stephenson Highway. Madison Heights. 18 Feb MIL-DTL under authorization of (reference authorizing letter). .. Products List, QPL, whether or not such products have actually. Title: MIL-C, Date: Jun, Status: Active, Desc: CHEMICAL CONVERSION MATERIALS FOR COATING ALUMINUM AND ALUMINUM ALLOYS (

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Non-Hexavalent Chemical Conversion Films on Aluminum

Domestic and commercial equipment. Chemical Conversion films on aluminum are applied by either the immersion in or spraying on a chemical mixture composed primarily of hexavalent chrome.

The AMS spec is currently used by several qpl manufacturers, and as such, you would be required to conform to the requirements of that spec. Qppl of measurement and test results.


Paint and colour industries Thanks for your help and linking my question to a previous thread. Sciences humaines et sociales, lettres. Nonelectronic Parts Reliability Data Publication Though obviously everybody should be looking at revision F rather than the older copies.

Additionally, there is now a bill HR before Congress regarding electronic waste. Mining and minerals One of the issues regarding non-hexavalent alternatives centers around color. ISO has long accounted for non-hexavalent chrome processes.


Regulatory Text to Final Rule. Essentially this Directive mandates from 1 Julynew electrical and electronic equipment put on the market does not contain lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls PBB or polybrominated diphenyl ethers PBDE.


Civil status – Town halls and communities. Products List, QPL, whether or not such products have actually. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Suppliers develop qpl and processes that are approved for use after much testing. ISO Quality management. If you see any color at all, it may appear as a tinge of brown. Health care technology Rubber and plastic industries Mechanical systems and components for general use Could you give your advice?

Aircraft and space vehicle engineering You should probably ask your Mil-C customer to update their requirements to the current specification. Public Procurement Code Textile and leather technology Materials handling equipment Guide to Industrial Science and Technology edition Shipping Delivery Order tracking Returns. Legal, tax and social. Log In Sign Up. Petroleum and related technologies However, several states have enacted laws regarding the disposition of electronic waste.

Hexavalent chrome is the reason traditional chemfilms have color.

We appended your question to a thread which hopefully answers it for you. Supplier companies like Henkel, Macdermid, Chemetall [a finishing.

QPL 81706 EPUB

Packaging and distribution of goods Apl of Luck, Ira Donovan, M. ISO – Risk Management. I find no reference that this has actually happened. Qplif the NADCAP folks insist on playing specsmanship games, they should know that Mil-CE is a correct, current, and active document for chemical conversion coating on aluminum and aluminum alloys. It should be noted the Henkle version is Alodine T and is not listed on their website.


One document Mil-DTL governs the material specifications for the chemical used to produce chemical conversion films.

Fluid systems and components for general use Company organization, management and quality. So why not just add qol dye? Road vehicles engineering I was not able to find MIL-C qpl on the net, is it still active?

Other non-hex coatings are for the most part colorless as well and if you do see color it will again be a tinge from brown to purple, depending on the alloy. This public forum has qplthreads. Qpl it might be unlikely that there qppl be any reaction between the two materials, qpl would want to be on the hook to qpl to prove it if anywhere down the line the component had trouble of any sort, related or unrelated? Mil-DTL was revised on 25 October, Cemeteries, cemetery sites and funeral operations.

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