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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There was nothing witty in this book.

O Psicopata Americano

Did nobody get the memo? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I know this is supposed to be a brilliant satire of American consumerist culture blah-de-blah-blah-blah There haven’t even been any murders yet!

How shallow can an author be, to make the same lousy point book after book after book? Consequently, while I have read many books that made me uncomfortable or nauseous, I have not read any that did so for such weak returns.

Ellis said it himself: Harold mistakes Bateman for another colleague and laughs off the phone message psicopaha as a joke, saying he had dinner with Allen in London days earlier. See Pat store body parts in random places. Recommended to Stacia the club by: I plan to skip the violence, but I hope the rest of it gets more interesting than what I’ve read already.


Why his lawyer in the end psicopzta him “i had dinner with Paul Allen in London 10 days ago”?

The shift is so abrupt that you want to americanno the book. The e-mails also describe or mention interactions with other characters from the novel, including Timothy Price Bryce in the film versionEvelyn, Luis, Courtney, David, Detective Kimball, and Marcus. Many of the conversations and interactions were needed, and a few were actually informative or interesting, but the same point really could have been made in a few chapters. However, Stone could not agree on the film’s direction with DiCaprio, who decided to star in The Beach instead.

Laughter- the good laughter, the really potent stuff, the laughter of exorcism- don’t come cheap. Pages and pages of excessive description gave no great sense of entertainment or enjoyment in terms of reading experience.

Christian Bale was brilliant in the movie. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

As for the disturbing parts of this novel I found them rather dry scared me for a moment to see them as this but most of them were repetitive. I was so flipping bored by this book. View all 17 comments. If it were a recipe, it would go as follows: People like this exist and not only have more of a share of the pie than most, they sit at a bigger part of the table.

This is a satire of how materialistic this world, or maybe New York has become in the eyes of Mr. The americqno was difficult for Ellis, due to Cronenberg’s scene constraints and not wanting to use any of Ellis’s restaurant or nightclub material from the novel.


American Psycho (film) – Wikipedia

The point of any artform is to illicit an emotional response, and it sounds like it did just that, and very effectively.

The unedited version also shows Bateman receiving oral sex from Christie. The movie sucked, and here’s why: All in his head? But I’m not giving anyone any ideas. Kimball meets Bateman for lunch and tells him he is not under suspicion.

I found nearly everything about it repugnant, mainly the fact that it was oh-so-incredibly boring. If you belong to the first type, I am sure you’ll love Kicks by Lou Reed, a six minutes, song that describes Bateman’s world.

In short, epater the hell out of the ol’ booboise, but don’t do it if you’re only bringing a knife to a gunfight, aesthetically speaking. Is Brett Easton Ellis a mysoginist? A direct-to-video sequelAmerican Psycho 2directed by Morgan J. And unlike the asexual murder of his colleague, these womens’ deaths are hyper-sexualized.

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