11 Jan In this spooky mystery, Rayne Peters and her family live in a tiny apartment in East London, part of a decayed urban development where. Rayne can’t wait to start her summer job at Morton’s Keep estate, but does its dark past, portend her dark future?. 26 Jan Title: Possessed Author: Kate Cann Genre: YA Paranormal Publication Date: February 1, Format: Hardcover, Pages ISBN

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The house is huge, full of history and malice. I think the novel would have been stronger if Rayne had had to work harder to solve the mystery. Check out my Youtube channel: Things I like about Possessed and Consumed: It seemed that Rayne just needed to get out of London at the novel’s beginning, without any real explanation as to why. When I was a child, I wanted to be a witch. Once you get past the fact that, you know, Morton’s Keep is steeped in ancient evil and everything, that place is my freaking dream home.

Jun 29, Caroline rated it really liked it. It shows that she’s human and not a cardboard character. It might have worked better to have Rayne discover the backstory in bits and pieces throughout the novel. If all the “nice” girls are insecure and all the “mean” girls are conceited, it’s hard not to read that as a message that, in order to be liked — and loved — you need to deny your own attractiveness.

She develops so much as a character and is pretty much unrecognisable as the girl she once was. Rayne wants a complete break from her old life, from her possessive boyfriend and the claustrophobia of the inner-city estate she lives on. It was easy to read, just not a book that I couldn’t put down. Sep 27, Anna Bubolz rated it liked it. Meanwhile, those female characters generally our heroine’s rivals who are sure of themselves and aware of the admiration of others are stigmatized as conceited.


Rayne Personal Response I thought this book was pretty good. Then I’d fall asleep over my desk in the afternoon.

I forgot to eat unthinkable possesed me and I nearly forgot to collect the kids from school. I didn’t realize how little I actually liked this book until I typed up that summary. Rayne can’t wait to start her summer job at a remote country mansion, far from the crowded, noisy London she so desperately Buy this book at Amazon.

She must fight to find out the truth, and be brave in facing up to who she really is Feb 02, Mark rated it liked it Shelves: Trivia About Possessed Rayne, She can’t get enough of him but she still has her boyfriend Damian. Owl cries in the night. I was posxessed to ccann to posswssed it so I could own both, but I just couldn’t help myself!

Everything sound so incredibly beautiful and powerful it was be a must see. Apr 25, Diane Ferbrache rated it it was ok Shelves: I wish that Ms. It was just okay. We get plenty of spooky moments, but not much backstory until the very end. It is slightly predictable however still remains to keep some questions unanswered.

Antagonist – Possessed by Kate Cann

The space, the silence, cabn the stars at night in the pitch black, the owls, the trees, the walks, the great food in the local pubs – everything! I think the sheer beauty and power of nature and how it can get right inside you is something a lot of kids are cut off from today.

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She wants to get away from people and from all the noise. It was a good possfssed but I don’t understand why the book is called “Possessed ” when no one in the book is possessed or get possessed.

Rayne can feel its oppressive presence slinking ever closer to her and the ones she loves.

Big changes have been afoot recently. The village cannot combat the threat without her. But the new management at the Keep seems connected to new violence in the area, and the mystic-mythic Green Lady reenlists an unwilling Rayne ;ossessed restore order. I never thought that it could end on such a high note after all that had happened! Other books in the series.

Possessed (Rayne, #1) by Kate Cann

Feb 18, Shelby rated it liked it. But as we find out in Consumedburning an old, evil dungeon where torture was carried kkate and breaking the spirit of St.

I love how most of Rayne’s world focuses on nature and pagan traditions and the characters are always so much fun.

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