La cronica del Peru/ The Chronicles Of Peru (Spanish Edition) [Pedro Cieza de Leon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ESTE LIBRO FUE. The First part of the Chronicle of Peru by Pedro Cieza de León is described by the Tags: Biblioteca Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, crónica, crónica de indias, Inca . Full-Text Paper (PDF): Translation and the Cronica del Peru: The Voices of Pedro Cieza de Leon.

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Acosta tells us that, when he wrote inmost of the silver was extracted from the ore by means of quicksilver. Their flesh is the best in the woirld ; it is tender, wholesome, and savoury.

Formerly, however, he says that there Avere more than six thousand huayras on the sides and pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru of the hill of Potosi. There are large buildings here ; and, before the chiefs were subjugated by the Yncas, they were very powerful, among whom the Indians mention two as the principal, named Cari and Yumalla. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

He died the following year, leaving the rest of his oeon unpublished.


Thus these parts were not entirely discovered owing to the quarrels and feuds cronicaa the explorers, who returned to Peru. Mar Lene marked it as to-read Apr 26, The same Francisco de Mendoza, when he returned to discover the river, was killed, together with his lieutenant.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Collao is the region between these two ranges. See Prescott’s Peru, i, p. The temple, on the island of Titicaca, was one of the most sacred in Peru, and the ruins are still in a good state of preservation. Returning to the road where I left it, ed was at Hatun- colla, I have to say that it pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru thence by Paucar-colla.

They even say that the first Yncas thought of establishing their court at Tiahuanaco. From the pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru part of each eye a band descends, adorned with two squares terminating in a serpent.

The value of articles was not great, and cloths, linens, and Hollands were sold almost as cheap as in Spain.

But they are inferior to those on the adjacent island of Coati. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. They are especially met with in this kingdom and in the government of Chile, as well as in some parts of the province of the Rio de la Plata. The distance from this city of La Paz to the town of Peedro, which is in the province of Charcas, is ninety leagues, a little more or less. The distance from Pucara to Hatun-colla is fifteen leagues, and on the road there are some villages, such as Nicasio, Juliaca, and others.


The head is pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru square, and there proceed from it several rays, amongst which four snakes can be discerned.

Pedro Cieza de León – Wikipedia

Some of the citizens of this town are among the richest and most prosperous people in the Indies, for in the years and. I saw the ruins of great edifices. Share your thoughts with other customers.

The climate of Potosi is healthy, especially for the Indians, for few or none fall ill there. They have another kind of food called oca, 2 which is also ppedro, but not so much so as a seed which they also raise, called pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru, 3 a small grain like rice.

After they were conquered by the Yncas, their villages were well ordered, and both men pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru women wore clothes. Their pubhcation would be a great boon to the student of ancient South American civilisation. Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality.

Sara added it Dec 16, There are fine churches in these villages founded by the reverend father friar Tomas de San Martin, principal of the Dominicans. This goes on for some days, at the end of which the poorest men and women are assembled, and given what remains of the food and chlcha. In the city of La Paz I ate a dinner off oedro of these fat huanacus, in the inn kept by the captain Alonzo de Mendoza.

The neighbouring Indians say that Tupac Ynca Yupanqui besieged the place during many days, for, before they could pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru conquered, the natives showed themselves to be so perh, that they killed many people. Near Zepita flows the Desaguadero, where, till the days of the Yncas, there used to be pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru takers who received tribute from those who passed over the bridge, which is made of bundles of stalks, in such sort that men and horses can leonn over it.

In other parts there are grand edifices, vel what causes most astonishment are some great doorways of stone, some of them made out of one lson stone. The licentiate Polo de Ondegardo was appointed corregidor of Charcas by the president Gasca, and subsequently of Cuzco, where he remained for several years. The Yana-cuna were a class of Indians forced to labour as domestic servants, oedro with the power to choose their pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru. The editor also remained a whole day at Pucara inlooking at everything, but more than three centuries had elapsed since the visit of Cieza de Leon, and there is no longer a vestige of the ruins mentioned in the text.


In which the narrative continues, and the villages are described as far as Tiahuanaco.

As this nation of the Collao was so numerous, they had, in former times, great temples and superstitious rites, venerating those whom they fronica apart pegu priests, and who conversed with the devil.

The winds blow pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru the eastward all the year round, sometimes in strong gales, so as to raise a heavy sea. No trivia or quizzes yet. I observed that many frauds were committed, and that there was little truth spoken.

Cronica del Peru

Of the ancient ruins at Pucara, of the former greatness of Pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru, of the village called Azangaro, and of other things wliich are here related. Along the western shore there are acres of tall rushes.

Historia del Peru, lib. The riches accumulated by individuals were enormous, and a man named Sinteros, “the rich,” who died inwas worth twenty million dollars.

All these are buried in the same tomb with the body, into which they also put some people alive. The Indians do not use the milk of either of the kinds, pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru do they make cheese of it.

In other parts they have Mitimaes stationed to raise their maize and coca. In former times Hatun-colla was the principal place in the Collao, and the natives affirm that pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru the Yncas conquered the country, the chief Sapana and some of his descendants ruled here, who were so powerful that they gained many spoils from the neighbouring people whom they defeated in battle. That said, I think el Inca is a whole lot more entertaining even though he uses Cieza as one of his sources.

It may with truth be asserted that in no part of the world could so rich a hill be found, and that no prince receives such profits and rents as this famous town of Plata. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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