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Suspect planar indications discovered by RT shall be type determined, located and sized by UT. The examination record shall include the position, the echo height, length, depth and type of indication. If no other requirements are specified, a tapering nirsok 1: The fabricator shall apply a weld numbering system for identification on all shop drawings and as reference in all documentation. Typical examples for requirements for grinding of joints are given in A.

Where steel items shall be hot dip galvanised, hollow sections shall be ventilated. Nrosok may also be transferred to and used by a subcontractor, provided the principles of ISO and ISO norsook implemented and documented. All welding and inspection of welds to carbon steel structures shall as a minimum comply with the requirements for the structure to which they are attached.

Test methods for all-weld metal test specimens in steel, nickel and nickel alloys General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories Non-destructive testing of welds — Radiographic testing of fusion-welded Norsook testing of welds — Visual testing of fusion welded joints.

Documentation of correct performance shall include macrophotography. If a production test fails, the reason for the failure shall be determined and remedial action implemented. Any occurrence of cracking during production welding shall be investigated. Maximum temperature for straightening shall not exceed the temperature limit recommended by the steel manufacturer, but it shall in no case be higher than qC.

Latest issue of the references shall be used unless otherwise agreed. The manufacturer shall have an implemented and documented quality system according with ISO If not specified, the requirement for minimum CTOD norok shall be as for the steel purchase order. NDT after repair shall not be included when calculating the defect rate.

Structural steel fabrication |

The preheat temperatures used during repair welding should be minimum 50 qC higher than the preheat used for the original weld. For butt welds, Norwok and D or E and F according to ISO shall be utilised for the detection of transverse imperfections, providing that the surface finish of the weld cap is sufficiently smooth and in accordance with clause 8 notsok ISO Reference blocks shall be made with thickness and side-drilled holes in accordance with Table 4.


The required fracture toughness level shall be decided in design for joints when steel quality level I and II are required. For restrained joints of complicated design, PWHT may be required for smaller thicknesses, independent of steel quality level. When partial testing is defined for welds in an area, the testing shall be spread such that the most essential members and nodes are included in the inspection, and such that areas of welds most susceptible to weld defects are covered.

All other personnel who are carrying out one or more welding activities according to ISOAnnex B, are welding coordinators. The NORSOK standards are normally based on recognised international standards, adding the provisions deemed necessary to fill the broad needs of the Norwegian petroleum industry. Assemblies shall be made and tested for the actual combination of norskk manufacturer, welding process and welding consumable brand used, except welding consumables used for root passes only, provided these are removed completely by gouging and grinding.

In addition to what is listed in Table 3, the following shall apply for inspection category A and B: Weld improvement by peening shall be performed in accordance with detailed procedures. Arc welding ISOSpecification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials — Welding procedure test — Part 1: Normally pregrinding of a groove will be required to assure correct location of peening area.

Subscription – always available and updated A web subscription provides an easy and secure access to standards, and you are guaranteed to always have the latest edition. Welds in inspection category A and B shall have unique weld number.

NORSOK M-101 (Ed. 2011)_Structural Steel Fabrication

Ultrasonic testing to reveal the presence of possible weld metal transverse cracking shall be included for butt welds with thickness more than 25 mm. Read more about norsook.

This may be achieved through alternatively: NDT personnel performing visual inspection of welded joints shall be qualified in accordance with ENVT rd level 2 or equivalent 3 party certification scheme. Norosk to fabrication start-up, contractor shall implement a system for recording of weld defect rates. Other test temperature may be prescribed borsok the designer. The rolling direction shall be clearly identified. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents.


Typical examples of requirements for peening of joints are given in A. The percentage strain due to forming is defined as follows: Nosok fracture shall be located outside the weld metal, i. The requirement for minimum CTOD value shall be prescribed by the designer. Defect rate shall be based on at least 5 welds or 1 m tested weld length.

CTOD-testing of welds shall be carried out with the fatigue notch tip positioned in the coarse grained region of the heat affected zone and in the weld metal.

Norsok m-101 pdf

Crevices and areas which become inaccessible after fabrication or assembly shall be sealed off from the outside atmosphere. Tools for check and measurements shall be described and shall be available during operations. The inspection frequency shall be sufficient to report weekly quality status during fabrication based on welding inspection reports.

Grinding tools, direction, surface roughness and final profile shall be specified. Standards Norway Strandveien jorsok, P. However, ambiguous imperfections revealed by UT shall in addition be tested by RT; d ultrasonic testing is normally not applicable for thicknesses less than 10 mm.

Webprint Printed and bound. CTOD testing shall be included in the qualification of welding procedures for weldments with a plate thickness below and equal 50 mm if requested by the designer for the specified steel quality level. NORSOK standard M Edition 5, October Operators simply producing radiographs and not performing evaluation, do not require level 2, but shall have sufficient training.

If sufficient documentation from the steel manufacturer is not available, a change of material shall require re-qualification of a nkrsok number of procedures.

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