19 Apr MicroStrategy Interview Questions | Advanced Technical Topics | For freshers & Professionals | Free Practice Test | Free Sample Resumes. 20 Sep Looking for Microstrategy Interview Questions with Answers? Here we have compiled set of questions from the students who have attended. 17 Sep Looking for MicroStrategy Interview Questions with Answers? Here we have compiled set of questions from the students who have attended.

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The Best MicroStrategy Interview Questions & Answers [UPDATED]

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server can scale to any amount of data by leveraging your database’s strengths. When the fact is at a higher level than the report display level, then you can use fact degradation attribute to state how the Engine degrades the data to the lower level. We can use alias name of that table and alter the logical size of that alias table dnt then modifies main table and use the alias table.

Users determine what information they want, when and how they want to receive it, through an easy to use web page.

MicroStrategy interview questions and answers – Page 1

KPI is an important parameter in decision making and therefore it is widely adopted in the Microstrategy. The logical size does not depend on the actual data no of rows in the database.

Subtotals can be presented at any level in the rows, columns and pages on the report. MicroStrategy Web relies on third-party web-clustering software to provide clustering functionality. According to research Anewers has a market share of about 4. This queztions users keep up the pace simply with this approach. Making a great Resume: Next step is to create the database and then to schedule the queries.

In MicroStrategy Desktop, for example, a user may have to explicitly click on ‘Refresh’ to see an object change be reflected in the client application Question Microstrategy Desktop provides instant access and analysis of information.

Therefore, third-party Web-server clustering software can be used to questioons together multiple web servers running MicroStrategy Web.

Have you ever lie on your resume? There are many such settings like check for cross joins, intermediate table creation and type etc. Using architect permission schema object can be created while public object can be created by using a schema object only.


MicroStrategy interview questions and answers – Page 1

Why Are They Needed? Yes, with the appropriate version of Microstrategy Web or Desktop, certain functions leverage the Intelligent Cubes.

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 7. It is important for deriving useful information or data for analyzing the same and deriving the most useful information to understand markets and competition. For example, if a user is not allowed to access a certain folder in MicroStrategy Agent, they will not be able to access the folder in MicroStrategy Object Manager. Here the region and time are two different levels.

Row level security is imposed by having user specific security filters for various records. The pass-through functions are the specific database oriented SQL statements and constructs that are executed by the microstrategy without checking semantics of the actual construct.

However, when the number of nodes increases, there is increasing overhead put on the system by the clustering software.

The only technical requirements are microstratfgy all MicroStrategy Intelligence Servers point to the same metadata and that all MicroStrategy Intelligence Servers have the same projects registered and in the same state i. MicroStrategy Intelligence Server provides the solutions required for a successful enterprise business intelligence system: Need 4 Microstrategy developers with excellent developement exposure in dashboards.

Microstrategy Interview Questions & Answers

Report andd are shared in a cluster and Object caches on each MicroStrategy Intelligence Server node are synchronized Question If the location does not exist in the destination project, a quewtions folder entitled ‘Dependencies’ is created and the object is copied to that folder. Following are the table structures: In addition to this, the users are free to make sure answwers effective reporting, auditing, visualization, data mining, enhancing production and avoiding financial barriers in a very easy manner through a tool.

What Is Microstrategy Olap Services? Other types of analysis include microstrategj testing, regressions, neural networks, decision tress, clustering and bond calculations. MicroStrategy Intelligence Server also provides scalability to analyze any amount of data, support for any number of users and a 24 X 7 operating environment, with robust security Question Microstrategy follows an algorithm to calculate the logical size of a table, which depends on the no of attributes and facts based on the table and also the position of those attributes in the system hierarchy.


Both attributes share the same forms, or information about them Description, Location, etc. Thus if we prefer a specific table to be the center of activity then we should try to reduce the logical size of that specific table so that it becomes considerably lesser than the other tables. Within an hour, the installation and setup are completed.

Custom Expression Advanced Qualification: Microstrategy Desktop is the intuitive quesitons interface used by business analysts and application developers.

Q23 Suppose you need to generate the BI reports on the Microstrategy, how this task can be done easily? Microstrategy 8 have extended the data modeling flexibility to include integrated views of data across heterogeneous data stores. Generally, they are deployed together but the users are free to keep up the pace whenever they want to utilize the individual one.

This software also enables them to keep a close eye on the important tasks and remind them about the same Q14 Why dataset is qnswers be preferred over the file set in Microstrategy according to you? Then optimizations to the various reports can be done by analysis of the VLDB properties and the customizations can be monitored by the processing path taken up by the Anlytical engine Question Pass-through functions are Microstrategy way of generating database specific SQL construct which otherwise are not possible.

The MSTR operates in such a way that the incoming queries and data retrievals are done from the table which has the least logical size. Object Manager must locate the dependents of the copied objects and then determine their differences before performing the copy operation.

Narrowcast Server can deliver information to email, mobile phones, pagers, faxes, PDAs, intranet and extranet web portals.

If the candidate answers this than his concept is wrong. Applying Security filters to the user.

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