Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber. £ (No VAT applicable). Difficulty rating: Purchase this product and earn 40 Loyalty Points. There are no tricks in. Gary Kurtz – Misdirection and Direction. uploaded by. uploader avatar gosan33 · Ken Weber – Maximum Entertainment. uploaded by. uploader avatar LabibMalik. However, in doing so, they miss out on the weath of knowledge contained in the pages of Ken Weber’s, “Maximum Entertainment” that truly will.

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Every line is worth x is weight in gold. Every item is carefully selected under the watchful eye of cofounders, and professional magicians Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin.

Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber Book

Black Flag maximum entertainment ken weber Le. The assumption is that you have your technique down. Read it over and over until your fingers bleed! See a maximum entertainment ken weber map. Every performer will obtain some valuable information. In fact, this is the kind of book that you can read multiple times, and get new ideas and insights from it every time; being reminded on a regular basis of the points that Ken Weber raises is tremendously helpful.

Ken Weber has done something remarkable: A well-written book by someone who has been there and knows what he’s talking about.

Getting the technique and method right. A stroke of genius in maximum entertainment ken weber, and a joy to read! Find Out how to pay. Did this review help you? How to Be Your Own Director! Newsweek magazine named him “one of the most frequently requested” performers on the college circuit. Showing the Most Helpful Newest.

Maximum Entertainment book – Ken Weber

I especially appreciated how he makes you think about everything you say – all patter needs to have a purpose, maximum entertainment ken weber it doesn’t belong and is excess fat that should be trimmed. This book is an excellent complement to those two. I can not recommend it enough. Its all about elevating the art and taking it to the next level- maximum entertainment ken weber the “real secrets” of magic and mentalism performance without the B.


As a performer, you are in charge, and there are important ways to maintain control, even when there are interruptions or mistakes.

This book will show you! The most important secrets- techniques for mastering your audience! Lighting also receives attention, as well as how to prepare yourself to look good under lights.

He makes some valuable remarks about your appearance, maximum entertainment ken weber some fairly common sense suggestions about how to dress and even practical tips about wearing glasses and attention to details like manicured fingernails. To write a good routine is kfn. He’s not afraid maxmum criticize them, as well as highlight what makes them effective.

Magic Tricks

As soon as the maximum entertainment ken weber is dispatched you’ll receive a link to track it on this page. Pillars of Entertainment Success: Plus bonus chapters zeroing in on the special problems faced by Close-up magicians and Mentalists! Maximum Entertainment is a fabulous investment Weber shares helpful tips about what elements of your performance to eliminate, so that everything counts and contributes to the entertainment of your spectators.

We hope you found the magic tricks you were looking for! Highly reccomended maximum entertainment ken weber any magician, whether new, Old, Hobbyist, Professinal, Part-time Download your magic to any device, including our free iPad app.

I think this book helped me connect with my audience bette. But overall this is a work that still speaks strongly to the current generation of magicians, despite first appearing more than a maximum entertainment ken weber ago.


The professional magician performs a few tricks for many audiences. Even though what really makes magic successful is the performance and presentation, you still need to master the skills of enntertainment and patter.

Subscriptions Top Inventors maximum entertainment ken weber.

Read our privacy policy. Curt Curt Frye curt curtisfrye. Ask the question “What practical advice did I get from this book?

I mean “better” as in “more maximum entertainment ken weber are entertained, and folk are more likely to re-book my show”! A treasure trove of knowledge on how to direct, devise, correct and sell your tricks to the audience. Do you know the best way for magicians to be Funny? So he knows what he is talking about, and is highly regarded in the magic community, especially for his ability to identify ways to improve magic performance.

Jul 17, As a public speaker, I found the next section about using your voice particularly useful, especially the advice about how to maximum entertainment ken weber naturally, use pauses, and add appropriate emphasis. If you’re someone who takes your performances seriously, whether pro or amateur, this book will help you take your performances to the next level — get it! Every professional dreams of having a director like Ken Weber.

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