Lundell generator (alternator). Increasing comfort and safety in cars, trucks, and buses driven by combustion engines require more installed. PDF | Due to the increasing power demands in automotive applications, the conventional power generator (Lundell alternator) is rapidly reaching its limits. Abstract—Thermal analysis of Lundell alternators used in automobiles is presented. An analytical thermal model for Lun- dell alternators is proposed, and .

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This can lead to considerable efforts to comply with EMC standards Maxim, Double-winding alternator with CSPR. It is a wave-winding in most cases. MathWorks does not warrant, and disclaims all liability for, the accuracy, suitability, or fitness for purpose of the translation. Many alternatives are being considered to replace the Lundell alternator such as the salient pole machines, however they require large investments in manufacturing infrastructure.

Both converters must be connected to different three-phase windings that are not magnetically kundell to avoid a decrease of performances. Alternative converter solutions 4. This will also add to magnetic losses at very low speeds and low loads where the flux density in the air-gap generated mainly by excitation field is modulated by the stator slot openings. The results are given in Table 2. Conversely, a nonlinear field model could be used.

Fast diode rms current IFD.

Alternator (automotive)

Number of Slow diodes. When comparing the output current ripple with the one obtained with the non-interleaved converter presented in fig. The trapezoidal shape of the claw poles Figure 6 corresponds to a kind of double skewing and thus produces some reduction in flux density and radial force harmonics.

For example, the transition from 14V to a 42V system, will allow to increase the efficiency of the power electronics rectifier by reducing the conduction losses.


When the temperature decreases, the battery voltage increases for all states of battery charge. The availability of affordable power diodes in the beginning of s paved the way for the widespread use of three-phase claw-pole alternators or Lundell alternators for the generation of electric power in motor vehicles. Synchronous rectifier A synchronous rectifier is an interesting alternative to conventional diode rectifiers.

The metal casing of the first set is typically pressed into a heat sink or welded to the heat sink for better thermal dissipation.

The regulator maintains a constant output voltage on the battery despite the varying alternator speed and variable load conditions. Performance curves of an alternator are used to show its performance across the whole speed range.

Translated by Mouseover text to see original. This can be achieved by a winding reconfiguration to modify the number of turns per phase. Click the button below to return to the English version of the page. AltVolt — Alternator output voltage scalar. The results show that the modification of the number of turns and replacing the diode rectifier with other electronic converters could significantly increase the output current and the efficiency.

Since the duty cycle is fixed at 0.

Alternator (automotive) – Wikipedia

Thank you very much for your kind response. Since the claw pole parts are made slternator solid forged iron, the eddy currents can easily circulate. The maximum field voltage, in V. A first one is lunsell on a magnetic reluctance network that takes into account the lundepl geometry and the magnetic material B H characteristic Ostovich et al. They are lighter, cheaper, more rugged, and can provide useful charge at idle speed. This starter installation also included a battery, charged by a conventional dynamo, and the lights were now powered by the battery.


I have a few questions which you might have answers to or able to point me to the right source: It is faster than a step by step simulation method as employed by simulators for power electronics PSIM, Saber and it is well adapted for use within an optimization loop for system evaluation purposes.

Once the speed exceeds rpm, a parallel connection is used to obtain higher output current and lower copper losses.

The brushes in an alternator carry only DC excitation current, a small fraction of the current carried by the brushes of a DC generator, which carry the generator’s entire output.

This is not a problem because the alternating current is rectified to direct current. Electrical modeling of the machine A 3-phase synchronous machine can be modeled by its equivalent circuit as shown in fig. No output power is required below the idle speed.

The alternator is driven by a 5 kW DC motor via a belt and pulley system. I have a few questions which you might have answers to or able to point me to the right source:. Part of the Automobile series.

This is machine translation Translated by. Equation 3 shows the new electrical parameters of a m-winding configuration in the same stator. References [1] Krause, P.

In the alternator mode, the converter operates as a synchronous rectifier. Embed this code snippet in the HTML of your website to show this chapter.

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