The Hollies – Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress size: bytes | free MIDI download | |.mid karaoke ringtone midfile style for midi. Hollies Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress – free midi download. Download Midi (Hollies Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress). Jfk airport long term parking rates, Lifelong learning edinburgh; Black lion long melford, black lion long melford, long distance lovers, tulong; Long beach.

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Tab was newbie arranged. Beginner Posted by hickorysmokebbqupdated: Beginner Posted by reformedcellistupdated: This is just one of possible versions how to play the melody in the first part and how to roll the harmony in the second part.

Another easy tab of Good King Wenceslaus, this time in a simplified Clawhammer version.

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Linked to the Christmas Corner and Beginner Clawhammer groups. Also, it’s labeled “scruggs”, but it’s really “Reno” style. Beginner Posted by stanupdated: This version contains 4 breaks.

Being a guitar and ukulele player, I have made it easier for us cross over players that can not make it fit into a constant banjo roll. But of course, it kept coming back, insisting that I give it the attention it deserved, so that now it lays curled up comfortably at the fire amongst the other familiar G tunes.


However, this tab was written such that one can play the entire tune without a capo. Bottle of Wine Genre: Many years ago I posted a tab of BSB, but in recently watching a youtube video of Bill playing the tune I detected some errors in my tab. Coil has some rolls that are kinda difficult to pull off at higher speeds, mainly the “Dixie Breakdown Roll”, so practice, of course, is in order.

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Sung in F – capo at 3rd fret, capo 5th string at 10th fret.

Thanks to Bill for clarifying how he plays the B part. Open G capoed 2. Expert Posted by Deoupdated: Please voice your opinions! My beginner clawhammer version of a timeless Christmas song, played in G or A capo 2 in G tuning.

Ballad of Jed Clampett Genre: Transcribed to tabledit format from bluegrassbanjo. Uploaded for fun and not meant to be perfect.

Thanks to Tom Adams for his help on this great tune from Vern Williams. There are chords so your baby can strum along.

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Home Sweet Home two finger style Genre: This is the first track on Dave Hum’s album “Traveling Light”. In other words, following the Flint Hill Flash’s lead, I hear Scruggs’s first pinch as involving the open second B string and the third string at the second fret, rather than the open first D string and the third string at the second fret.


I have corrected a couple of minor errors and added a modi backup track. Expert Posted by Jacob Underwoodupdated: I taabledit like to give credits to Alan Munde.

Dirty Old Town Genre: I have also uploaded tab for banjo backup with lyrics.

It is originaly for accordeon, but I did an arrange for banjo. Dill Pickle Rag Genre: Beginner Posted by Mirek Patekupdated: Page 1 from standard G tuning, capoed 2, page 2 from Drop C tuning, capoed 2.

For use with this lesson: This version is fairly contemporary, similar to Eileen Ivers’, John Carty’s and Matt Cranitch’s fiddle versions, all of which have three parts. Included are lyrics and optional intros and endings. Part B would be considered Intermediate.

The Hollies – Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress | Free Midi Download

Beginner Posted by jortaupdated: Tab window should be maximized for best viewing. Ed Haley was a blind fiddler who who traveled widely throughout West Virginia, Ohio, eastern Kentucky and southwestern Virginia, and is known for his powerful fiddling and distinctive repertoire.

This is a beginner version with a Youtube link to Richard Blwck version in open G tuning, inlcuding lyrics.

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