I just got this effect by Liam Montier and I think it’s awesome! It’s a self-working mental card routine based on a short story by Roald Dahl! I forgot. Henry Sugar by Liam Montier – Liam Montier – Henry Sugar PDF PLEASE NOTE: This item is a digital download,Gimmick not included. magic tricks forum – Henry Sugar, by Liam Montier £10 from http://www. The Effect. This is a mentalist card trick.

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So maybe the canny spectator suspects marked cards are being used? The card is then lost in the deck. I’ve being doing card magic for about 10 years and I’d never seen anything like the Underground Change.

If you buy the Underground Change and you then find that the move exists elsewhere prior to my publication anywhere in card magic literature in a published form and can prove this, then I will gladly furnish you with one of every product on our site for free!

The principle at work here is not new by any means, but it is utilized in a clever way and it works very hennry. Could this be true? Customers reviews There are currently no product reviews. A force of your grandmother’s picture? That is, trying to guess as to the tastes of a broad range and base of customers of all skill levels.

Henry Sugar by Liam Montier – $ :

So now the magician is feeling confident, and suggests that he will try with a non court card. Henry Sugar is available from: Find out everything but the effect. Maybe it ought to become standard practice to know a recommendor’s areas of interest and practice in judging recommendations. Download your magic to any montierr, including our free iPad app. This way you avoid expensive international shipping fees and taxes.


Nov 23, I think its usefulness will depend on the type of effects you have been concentrating on over the past several years. I shall endeavor to find out if your move has been in print before and claim some free stuff.

Featured Specials test All products. Ok, so the scene is set — the magician claims that they have seen the manuscript, and have had a certain amount of success with the mental yoga techniques involved.

Good patter, easy handling, great effect. Magic Downloads Learn magic tricks from the very best Mnemosyne by Vincent Hedan.

Henry Sugar by Liam Montier Price: Terry Morgan This is probably one of sugxr best self working card effects of all time right up there with “Out of this World”. Anyway, don’t take my word for it—talk amongst yourselves and decide that way; I’m biased anyway!

Pure Mentalism By Nico Heinrich. Practice this well and you will have an absolutely fantastic piece of direct mentalism at your disposal!

Nov 22, This effect is destined to become a classic.

Liam Montier – Henry Sugar – $ : Fantasystore!, The Art of Magician

He then went on to cheat all the big casinos out of loads of money — which being a nice guy he donated to orphanages all around the world. Yet again, he gets it right, three times out of three. This is probably one of the best self working card montuer of all time right up there with “Out of this World”. Jamie, Does this apply to everyone?


This can be set up very quickly. Choose a ranking for this item. If you do this right, there are a few different ways that you can play this piece. So I find many recommendations are very much influenced by one’s length of time in magic, effects that they concentrate on, etc. So now the magician is feeling confident, and suggests that he will try with a non court card.

Joaquin Ayala If one were to observe many of the reviews on this site, you will notice that a vast majority of them are between star ratings. You kontier being seduced by the dark and deadly side of The Force. But I spend a lot of time with mem deck work, and for me this effect is less useful since mem deck work allows me similar results if I choose.

Acidus Novus Plus included by Al Mann. Hi guys, I’m Jamie, Liam’s sugae is a real peach as you can tell from the reviews. You guys are here again discovering little gems which mean more aggro for my credit card!

I’m glad this effect is going down well, it’s my baby at the moment! Henry Sugar, by Liam Montier Bought a trick?

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