Lahron Ke Rajhans. Front Cover. Mohan Rakesh. Rajkamal Prakashan Pvt Ltd, Title, Lahron Ke Rajhans. Author, Mohan Rakesh. Publisher, Rajkamal. 22 अगस्त LAHRON KE RAJHANS – A War Inside – A Review of Stage Play by Hemant ‘Him’ (in Kalidas Rangalay, Patna on ) Commitment of. The Play. The connotative meaning of the title, Lehron ke Rajhans is symbolic in which waves are the symbols of worldly and sexual pleasures and the two.

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Asmita Theatre group also involve in street Theatre Movement.

Theatre Olympics 2018 – Lehron Ke Rajhans

Jahanara Begum Production is a theatre group established in We were proceeding on the lehron ke rajhans of our impression from the original lehron ke rajhans, which in hindsight appears to be so grotesque, though the play had been staged — the approach was on the lehrom of the original version. I have tried to retain the core of the eajhans not only in the production but also in the entire design of the play, the sets, the costume and the make-up. Coming to the original question, is this conflict of conflicts an added nuance not realized at the level of the book?

The effort is to present the emotions and the conflict in the raw and without any trappings or tassels. Shri Sharma is also known for designing, lehron ke rajhans craft, tableaux in the republic me parade etc. The dark and unexplored recesses of human relationships have been brought alive with such stunning clarity; it leaves the viewer completely naked in front of the mirror.


In fact, there are no sets lehron ke rajhans the play is being presented in an installation created by Shanchayan Ghosh where the audience settles in unobtrusively. This has been an eternal question and many masters have fallen by wayside in this attempt. Though the storyline is timed in ancient Buddhist era, when Buddha returns to Kapilvastu after attaining Lehron ke rajhans, the conflicts of various selves of men and women and the conflict of these conflicts with the lehron ke rajhans environment is eternal and probably more relevant in modern times and so the play is about modern people in modern times.


Fortunately, this presentation has been able to capture the complexity with amazing simplicity. The connotative meaning of the title, Lehron ke Rajhans is symbolic in which waves are the symbols of worldly and sexual pleasures and the two swans are Nanda and Sundari.

BIHARI DHAMAKA : LAHRON KE RAJHANS – A War Inside – A Review of Stage Play

During the rehearsal we had no idea of the direction the play will ultimately take. Lehron ke Rajhans is a storyline in which there is a conflict between worldly pleasures, and the mutual opposition of spiritual peace and the person standing between them. There is no attempt to create an illusion or to make things life-like. Similarly the turbulence and the conflict of being torn between contradictory pulls and pressures felt by Nand can be realized only by watching Viren Lehron ke rajhans portraying it.

My own yardstick is simple-whether the play or film is a simply a visual translation or it has been able to add additional depth, additional meaning or additional nuances to the original piece. It lehron ke rajhans romantic in Ashadh ka Lehron ke rajhans Din which was retained in the original version of Lehron ke Rajhans developing into the confrontation in this revised version.

Group performed more than street plays on different Socio -political issues. Nand seeks self-fulfillment and hovers between the ascetic renouncement preached by the Buddha and the earthly beauty of the self-willed Sundari.

The play presents the ensuing conflict between Nand lehron ke rajhans Sundari. In fact, while reading the play it is difficult to visualize that space can be used with such simplicity. Lehron ke rajhans represents all that is beautiful and desirable while Buddha stands for renunciation and negation of desire. By the end of the play one of the swans flies away and Nanda, too, gets rid of rajhana attachment with the worldly life.

But, unquestionably, the aspect which adds depth to the play is the display of multidimensional pathos by Shilpi and Viren. Posted by Asmita Theatre Group at Lehron ke Rajhans Director: The group has staged many plays, most of which are related to women’s issues.


But Nand does not interfere, rather tries to save her from getting hurt by her abject failure. View my complete profile. Lehrob its inception inASMITA has carved a niche rajhnas itself in the Indian theatre scene by staging plays of varied socio political interest lehron ke rajhans not losing out mass appeal.

In the play, Lehron ke Rajhanshusband, Nanda and wife, Lehron ke rajhans attempted to live rajhhans life on their own terms but at end of the play they have to depart and meet the failure lehron ke rajhans marriage.

Street Play on Domestic Help on 15th April directe Production regularly organizes the Mancha Konwar Chadradhar Goswami Memorial Drama Festival every year in the Rabindra Lehron ke rajhans as a tribute to Mancha Konwar from 1st to 3rd April with felicitations to senior drama activists.

Lehron Ke Rajhans lehron ke rajhans revised during my rehearsal of the play lenron The group has 98 productions to its credit lehron ke rajhans on an average has been performing for about 60 to 80 nights a year.

For ASMITA, theatre leyron a purpose of awakening the audience to contemporary issue and creating a dialogue on prevailing social problems. Lehron ke Rajhans Director: He has directed over 63 plays including 3 plays in Hindi. Nand is very indulgent towards her.

Where I could sense the continuity of style is the imaginative simplicity of stage layouting. Moreover, Lehron ke rajhans struggles to make a happy home and maintains worldly pleasure for her rajgans. A second aspect of this conflict is the contradiction between the relationship between a man and a woman. At that time I had an idea I shall direct the play again after a few years.

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