Does the points cost for UM Terminus Ultra already include it’s weapons all those lascannons to a normal Land Raider would theoretically be. UNIT: 1 Terminus Ultra pattern Land Raider. WEAPON RANGE STR AP SPECIAL Lascannon 48″ 9 2 Heavy 1. TYPE: Tank. ARMOUR SPECIAL RULES. The Land Raider Terminus Ultra is a rare configuration of the standard Land Raider given over to power generation and regulation, the Terminus Ultra can still.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. A Chaos Land Raider, impressively modded. Being compatible with a range of weapon configuarionts, the vehicle mounts additional sponson Lascannon in place of its side assault hatches, and a turret-mounted twin Lascannon in place of the usual Heavy Bolters. But named characters have a note under the “points per model” section which says ” Including wargear “. The Land Raider has always been a somewhat insane beast, owing to its large weapon load and the fact that only part of this load can usually fire at a given time, making it so that it’s of questionable value – this is because there are almost always better choices to do what the Land Raider can do for cost – Predators generally do better at vehicle busting or infantry killing, and the main use of the Land Raider is as a transport vehicle for Terminators and getting them right into the heart of the battle, which is kind of lopsided with its heavy armament.

It can also transport Terminators. Although you can only take up to two options since the land raider only has enough room for two.

Quote message in reply? I made a bit of an error too, the Cerberus is pts with lascannon sponsons. Along with access to all the typical upgrades for Chaos Space Marine vehicles, the Chaos Achilles swaps out the Thunderfire Cannon for a Quad Mortar, which is weaker and less capable of rqider armor but compensates with the Pinning rule- and as a bonus, its pinning tests are made with a raidrr penalty.


The game is stuffed to the gills with memorable characters from every faction. The Terminus Ultra, with its total of eight Lascannons, can fire a single salvo that is capable of crippling super-heavy tanks such uptra the Banebladedisabling Chaos Titansand even out-right destroying Ork Gargants. If you can’t believe in yourself, believe in me!

Land Raider Terminus Ultra

A Grey Knights exclusive variant of the Land Raider Redeemer that replaces the assault cannons with psycannons and frag assault launchers with psyk-out assault launchers. Being able to only ulfra a transport capacity of 5. On the otherhand, seems quite a bargain if it does. I also broke off most of the beat up hull ornaments. A kltra armored fighting vehicle capable of defending infantry against vehicles and helping infantry against enemy infantry and suppressing or destroying defensive positions.

We certainly saw that in action! I don’t think anything says “Does not include war gear” as that is the default. Drop Pod – Corvus Blackstar. WestRider July 8, at teerminus So you want to be a Space Marine? Daemon Engines of Slaanesh: The power rating is consistent with Terminus Ultras costing around points to actually field.

It was an example of models that players could create for games of Warhammer 40K Apocalypse. Submit a new text post. Kind of a reverse Wrath of Mjalnar if you count the twin-linked Helfrost cannon as a reverse flamer.

Kenneth Raymond July 7, at 8: Its armament is the perfect ingredient in cooking blob armies to riles rare.

Land Raider – 1d4chan

I am almost positive that demolisher cannon or whirlwind are not vehicle upgrades. The Mark I was a British invention! For example, the White Scars only have four of these Land Raiders. Terminus Ultra – for just an additional 3 PL, you could include Chronus on this tank.

It’s guns now ignore cover entirelyand the buff to reserve rolls has been changed to make one stratagem you use cost one fewer command point to a minimum of oneso long as your warlord is embarked inside. Decides to say “Fuck that shit” regarding transporting and seeks to become the most destructive linebreaker around, trying to eclipse even the dreaded Leman Russ Demolisher and Vindicator. The Armoury just sort of describes everything It’s points plus weaponry.


You can’t upgrade any vehicle with them without becoming a different vehicle.

Wolf Lord – Wolf Raifer. As of 8th, it’s gotten far nastier, with a pair of heavy 2 multimeltas and the quad launcher now has access to shatter shells, a set of short range shots with performance similar to battle cannon shells. Inquisition – Sisters of Battle. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Functionally identical to the Phobos Pattern Land Raider, the Chaos version has a number of small changes that actually make it quite a bit better than its standard counterpart.

It lost the Hyperios launcher in 8th, but it’s missiles were reworked to be a decent combination of the whirlwind’s two missile types and the buff to twin linked weapons upped it’s firepower considerably.

It may be inefficient, large, and points-heavy, but the Land Raider is still a powerful force and should not be underestimated under any circumstances. It’s very flexible, but ultimately rather inefficient.

Meet-up for games X-post. Captains, Calgar and Lieutenants all buff them. Yeah, I was just mentioning that because you had said you didn’t know of anything that could buff the Knight. Does the points cost for UM Terminus Ultra already include it’s weapons? Seems pretty unambiguous really: Not that much of a bargain, but the prices are close enough to make me think they wanted the Terminus Ultra to be pts, not pts.

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