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May 03, William Schram rated it it was amazing Shelves: Want to Read saving…. Once he had done that, he had near-perfect recall of the entire sequence for the rest of his life.

This is a reproduction of a book published before Jul 12, Tim rated it really liked it.

Mnemonista – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

And I certainly relate to this: Luria’s “opposite” book “The Man with the Shattered World” I wished there was more science, more psychology, more analysis, more brain talk mnemonosta with the case study reports.

Alexandr Romanovich Luria, The book is structured mo What a fascinating read! To this day, I can’t escape from seeing colors when I hear sounds.

As a part of its coverage into bitcoin and blockchain technology, Bloomberg has interviewed Gil Luria from Wedbush Securities about the future of blockchain In this book, Dr. I enjoyed reading the bits about how S. But the amazing thing is it reads like a bedtime story.

We have to have some way to let go of unneeded information or else our minds would drown in a profusion of distracting details. Dec 03, Annie Feng rated it it was amazing. A very detailed account of how synesthesia works, with long extracts from conversations with the patient and mnemonist. Jan 22, Andreas Asimakopoulos rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ifsay, a person says something, I see the word; but should another person’s mneonista break in, blurs appear.


Once memorized, S can recall a list after years. Was a follow-up to the Oliver Sacks memoir; he wrote of Luria frequently, and I thought I should read one of Luria’s cases People tested M by giving him some random ls of numbers that they’d then put away. Sep 17, Naresh rated it it was amazing. Luria also discusses, with great sensitivity, the effect such a gifted memory has on S.

No in dark places. There is some repetition of ideas but this is helpful to reinforce Dr. Di sini, dikisahkan penelitian A.

He is confused by the clash and confusion vivid, unrelated images that arise when words are used with double meaning. Some useful tips Never connect same colors of objects with places. Buku ini tentang seseorang bernama Sheresevsky yang memiliki ingatan tak dibatasi waktu maupun jumlah, apapun, seberapapun, sampai kapan pun Jun 22, Abeer Hoque rated it really liked it Shelves: A lot of the information was redundant since I’ve read a lot about synesthetic savants over the year First of all, props to the translator for a wonderful job sticking to all the complex wordplay, synonyms, entendres, poetry, and phonetic explanations.

When he heard or read a word it was converted right away into a visual image that corresponded with the object the word signified for him.

Meaning of “luria” in the Spanish dictionary

Spanish words that begin with l. Jul 06, Amar Pai rated it it was amazing. Words suggested images and these got him lost in such things as poetry. Load a random word. So initially he would take walks and use the memory palace method in his mind.


May 06, Andreashide rated it really liked it. He remembered everything that he was told. This approach both enabled him to rapidly solve problems that might stump a verbally-dependent mind, but also interfered with his comprehension of abstract ideas and poetry.

Pequeño libro de una gran memoria : la mente de un mnemonista

Synesthesia only deepened this ability of his, adding taste, smell, touch, and sound to his astoundingly detailed visual memories. These creep into This short book is Soviet psychologist A. Karena yang dia ingat ketika melihat wajah orang adalah ekspresinya, padahal ekspresi sendiri berubah setiap waktu.

A nerdy read and read for a nerdy reason. Dec 04, Colle Owino rated it really liked it. S used a system of visual and geographic iconics to remember everything he came across. What first mne,onista me is the color of someone’s voice.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In fact, it turned out that M.

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