20 Jul From Confessions: Memoirs of a Modern Seer by Cheiro. The name of ‘Cheiro’ instantly brings to the mind, knowledge and art of ‘Palmistry’. 15 May Everyone knows that “the face can wear a mask,” that a person may be a good actor and put on a certain expression that may deceive even the.

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They seldom marry beneath their station in life, and they have fewer love affairs than any other class. Cheiro told him that according to his hand prints and date of birth, he was fated to die by water with an attendant chance of capture, from which he could not recover, at the age of His only question was relating to the length of his years.

It is one of the signs of mental degeneration as far as love is concerned. When the line has an “island” at the beginning, then the marriage will be for a long time delayed, and the two persons will be much separated at the commencement of their married life.

Palmistry for All by Cheiro – Free eBook

Like the sun, stands out from the crowd, but in mastery of the creative planes. Such persons are deceptive and treacherous.

He helps as well as astonishes. Wide distance between line of heart and line of head denotes another characteristic. People love those people who appear Larger than Life.

Palmistry for All

What is Cheiro Numerology? If the line looks weak or frays into little hair lines from this point out, it shows that the subject will never recover thoroughly from this malady. Mentally I suffered almost as much as the poor man in the condemned cell. Fromhe started on the spree of killing people whom he had insured for a considerable money. When any small line joins the Fate Line or goes on with it as an attendant line, such a mark usually indicates marriage at the date when these lines joinPlate XIII.

Number 29 — A sneaking suspicion that somebody is having you on. Likes being in charge, those beneath a number 9 find them temperamental.


Cheiro, a mysterious Palmist

A break in the Fate Line is not always a bad sign to have, provided that one side begins before the other ends; in such a case it foretells a complete change in surroundings and position, and if the new line looks good and straight it will be found to mean that the change will bring about an advancement in position commencing at the date when the second line first makes its appearance.

An “island” on any part of the Line of the Sun destroys the position and success promised, but only during the period where the island appears 5, Plate XV. This is by no means the case, however. But think first about why and what your higher self requires. It is an excellent sign on the hands of soldiers, or in connection with all persons who follow a dangerous calling. He could have easily written about his sojourn in India, and I am sure it would have made his memoirs more interesting, but as his Indian sojourn was based on fantasy, he carefully avoided any details by writing following about the Apollo Bunder, Bombay renamed as Mumbai.

Meyer, was bereft of any human emotion. For example, if a sloping Line of Mentality were seen on the Square or Practical hand, it would indicate that though the bases of that man or woman’s thoughts and plans were of the practical kind, yet they possessed a far greater power of imagination than any casual observer would at first sight give them credit for.

Madame Sarah Bernhardt recently had a professor of Palmistry to see her. Cheiro, unknowingly made Rasputin an enemy, the result of which was that he mysteriously lost many businesses and investments in the coming years. In scramble for Africa, European powers competed with each other to gain control over different parts of the Dark Continent. One of the greatest features in connection with it was that it was written in some red liquid which age had failed to spoil or fade.

They do not expect the person on whom they bestow their affection to be a god or a goddess. In one of a temple, the guide betrayed Cheiro and locked him in a temple to die of hunger. Cherio had gained what he wished and asked for. Previously he gave an air of an occultist who looked like a diplomat.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is generally found on short, thick-set square hands or short hands, but when found on a long, thin, and narrow palm, it indicates great vitality and [Pg 46] resistance to disease, a nervous, highly-strung, and rather irritable disposition.

In this latter case, curiously enough, it often denotes that the person had at that period of his life become more wealthy kerro prosperous, [Pg 28] and so he was able to develop the artistic side of his nature. Cheiro Numerology picks up on these old numerological principles and applies them to the present day.

If this finger is crooked as well as very long, all the above qualities will be intensified and exaggerated. It was on July 21,that I had the honour of meeting Lord Kitchener and getting the autographed impression of his right hand, which I now publish for the first time as frontispiece to this volume. Number 42 — as per This page was last edited on 5 Novemberat Once we get past the number 32, the compound numbers start to repeat themselves in terms of their meanings.

It will thus be seen that every portion of this remarkable line may be divided into sections to obtain marvellous detail in making predictions for the future.

See also end of chapter on Time, page The meeting was shrouded in secrecy. When the ascending line is seen crossing over towards the Mount of Saturn, and running as an independent line not joined to the Line of Fate 6, Plate X.

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