This is an interview I did with the British philosopher Julian Baggini, about his new book, The Ego Trick, which looks at the ‘bundle theory’ of the. How “you” are you, really? Character is something we tend to think of as a static, enduring quality, and yet we glorify stories of personal. Are you still the person who lived fifteen, ten or five years ago? Fifteen, ten or five minutes ago? Can you plan for your retirement if the you of thirty years hence is.

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I definitely would recommend this to anyone interested in matters of philosophy and what it means to refer to one’s bahgini of self. Are you still the person trici lived fifteen, ten or five years ago? Showing of 19 reviews. I’m not sure I’m any closer to knowing, but this book took me on a fascinating journey. Date entered as finishing is the date of the more recent reading. I suspect Julian Baggini has revealed an intellectual pathway to a state of mind that you might otherwise reach purely through months, years or maybe decades of mindful meditation.

Apr 30, Shawn rated it really liked it.

Are you still the person who lived fifteen, ten or five years ago? Sign up for Blinkist. I have had to re-adjust my beliefs as to who or what I am.

How conceptions of the self will change in light of our ever-increasing lifespans or dependence and meshing with technologies is touched on only briefly at the end of the book. Review ‘Baggini is exceptional within this popular genre for his clarity of mind’ – Guardian Baggini mashes up philosophy with psychology, Buddhism, neuroscience Despite being relatively brief, the book covers much terrain and is an excellent read for anyone interested in the topic, and no pre-existing expertise is needed to fully appreciate it.

Claiming the self is an illusion is like claiming a college is an illusion because when you try to find it, you cannot. He talks to those who have undergone personal transformation, including changes of gender, to find out whether their sense of self has changed through the experience. Aug 20, Scott Red Willic rated it liked it.


With his usual wit, infectious curiosity and bracing scepticism, Julian Baggini sets out to answer these fundamental and unsettling questions. Am I the same person I was when I was 20? Taking off from “extreme” cases such as major brain trauma, gender dysphoria and social experiments—all which he claims provide more than enough evidence and variety to fill in for any of the classic and all-too-reducible thought experiments—he builds on them to disprove and occasionally support conceptions about the self and what the term entails—social relations, religious beliefs, emotional states and so on.

Buy the selected items together This item: No time to read? The insight about human nature was very reviling. By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Service. It doesn’t take readers through all that is. Is it something solid which remains constant over time? It’s a great discussion on what makes the “self” and whether there is an intrinsic “me”.

I found this to be very unsettling. How does consciousness arise out of physical neural activity? Set up a giveaway.

The Ego Trick: Julian Baggini: : Books

My ratings of books on Goodreads are solely a crude ranking of their utility to me, and not an evaluation of literary merit, entertainment value, social importance, humor, insightfulness, scientific accuracy, creative vigor, suspensefulness of plot, depth of characters, vitality of theme, excitement of climax, satisfaction of ending, or any other combination of dimensions of value which we are expected to boil down through some fabulous alchemy into a single digit.

Formas de pagamento aceitas: That is what makes a college exist. After reading “The Ego Trick,” you will never see yourself in the same way again.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. It might seem like an examination of the true nature of ‘self’ would be enough for a book, but what delighted me was that Julian the I read this on my Kindle and when I got to the end unexpectedly early, I actually went “noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! The self is not an illusion. Away from these classic examples, there are the occasional contemporary references, particularly Belle De Jour, that make the writing, but not necessarily the ideas, feel needlessly dated, although I was fascinated to learn that Dr Brooke Magnanti is actually a research scientist with a raft of publications under her name.


If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Does it remain constant over time and place, or is it something much more fragmented and fluid?

Julian Baggini on The Ego Trick

But apparently it can be controlled by playing it at its own game. Leia mais Leia menos. In other words, your mind is not your brain; it is what your brain does.

Books by Julian Baggini. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Jul 01, Vivek Kumthekar rated it liked it. I admit that I struggled with it, because the idea that there is an unchangeable core of the self is very dear to my heart. He is the author of The Pig that Wants to be Eaten and 99 other thought experiments and is co-founder and editor of The Philosophers’ Magazine.

You Are What You Speak: Baggini has the fortunate gift of conceptualising and explaining what used to be gobble de gooked by philosophy and psychology about the self, or selves.

It is just TRUE. Granta Books 3 de fevereiro de Vendido por: Wondering if I could possibly be the only person thinking this much on the concept of self in modern society, I saw this book and thought it looked int As I entered my 40s I started thinking seriously about whether I’d figured out yet just who I am and what Tricck really want to do “when I grow up”. Baggini presents the views of various philosophers and looks at conditions where the self is revealed such as sex changes and mental degradation.

Do you exist or baggibi are a product of electrochemical actions in your brain.

It’s about philosophy of self, as you can guess from the name of this book.

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