Studwell’s thesis is bold, his arguments persuasive, and his style pugnacious. It adds up to a highly readable and important book that should make people. Bill Gates reviews “How Asia Works” by Joe Studwell. How Asia Works. Success and Failure in the World’s Most Dynamic Region. Joe Studwell. A provocative look at what has worked – and what hasn’t – in East.

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Closely controlled finance that supports these two sectors. But this leaves open the question why this type of policies was possible in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, and not in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia or the Philippines.

With manufacturing, industrial development alone is not sufficient, Studwell argues. The most important premise in the book is the need for land reform to fund industrialisation.

How Asia Works by Joe Studwell

Stkdwell 20, Ben Khoo rated it really liked it. What is also amazing is the the parallels with the current economics of the west There is generally a strong appreciation for historical and country specific context, and a solid bibliography for further reading. Jul 02, Jingwei Shi rated it really liked it Shelves: Korea such as related party lending have received only a cursory mention – an analysis studdwell this and possible safeguards would have been useful.

Japan was going to dominate, then China. However, I clicked on 4 stars because of the reason that he has not treated India in this book! Emerging countries could themselves help to frame a more honest debate about economic development by setting and meeting benchmarks for the other components of overall development. Most reviews note how, in his three-point plan of state-directed development, Studwell rebukes the neoclassical orthodoxy taught to almost every young macroeconomist.

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Having spent most of my life in Hong Kong and having visited many countries sfudwell Asia, the book gave me a new sen Was skeptical at first and thought this book is going to be all about gossips like it was in the Asian Godfathers. Korea, Japan and Taiwan from the middling performers Malaysia, Thailand and the complete failures Indonesia and Philippines – this distinction is backed by the speed with which each of these nations wrks able to bounce back from the Asian crisis and the drivers of the same genuine industrial competitiveness in north-east Asia against resource wealth in Malaysia.

There are no reviews yet. It is more or less generally accepted now that “import substitution” is generally a very bad idea as a road to economic development.

And why do some policies work in some countries and not in others? Obviously, one can go much deeper into each country, etc.

But in our training we are given only the neoclassical growth model—most programs no longer even bother to teach economic history. Jan 16, Jacob Hedlund rated it liked it. Interesting book that analyzes why some Asian countries successfully developed and why others didn’t.

A lot of it is tough to get through, there is a lot of statistics and so many different players in the game that it is sometimes difficult to sgudwell everything straight. I have read this book following the positive Twitter review by Noah Smith https: Land reform has been essential to the success of Asian economies, giving a kick start to development by utilizing a large workforce and providing capital for jeo.

The book investigated and expounds the successful and not so successful economies of Eastern Asia, comparing why certain ones Taiwan, S Korea, Japan succeeded, while others Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand never reached the same level of success.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Noe to the gaps in the book, Studwell has been a bit dismissive of the role played by basic manufacturing setups assembly shops for exports in China, Korea, etc.

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Was skeptical at first and thought this book is going to be all about gossips like it was in the Asian Godfathers. If the conclusion is that it’s due uniquely to the characters of individual policy makers, then of course we cannot be very hopeful about any generalisable policy recommendations. A Library of Books. Joe Studwell – How Asia Works: Thoroughly researched and impressive in scope, How Asia Works is essential reading for anyone interested in the development of these dynamic countries, a region that will shape the future of the world.

Tente novamente mais tarde. While space prevents him from discussing some of the most unique countries – I’m thinking mostly of North Korea and Vietnam as well as Singapore and Hong Kong, though surely Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea have their own interesting stories – The title makes a bold claim, but overall Studwell does an excellent job of condensing, comparing, and commenting on the development paths of almost all of the major northeast and southeast Asian economies from an elevated yet rigorous level.

He delivers two points clearly. Inevitably, the key to success is a strong leader that puts the right industrial structures and incentives in place, keeping an eye on increasing productivity of the nation. Dec 17, Mona Nomura rated it really liked it.

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