“JGRO’s” Design. This design is very popular among the DIY CNC router community. This set of plans is very detailed and contains dimensions on all parts . DIY CNC JGRO Router PDF Plans jgro cnc router Woodworking Download Starting from the original design of the JGRO the Joe’s CNC. I decided on the tried and tested JGRO plans, available for free on . The JGRO design is mostly made from MDF,.

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Separately, I have a dozen decent skate bearings that were scavenged in various ways freecycle, old kids’ toys that went rusty. They’re only held in place by the adjustment blocks. Also recently made jigs for pilot points on the gantry, and a little jig for the holes that go through the aluminum angle to hold the bolts that hold the skate bearings.

Bring back lost love spells in If you can get ACME or trapezoidal threaded rod I would definitely go with that instead of the quarter inch all-threaded rod for the lead screw. Bearing assemblies are coming together now. Flanged bearings on the lead screws.

Calculators Check out the calculators and charts section. I probably could have persevered with the skateboard bearings carefully adjusting them, but I got some cheap linear bearings for the Y and Z axes so I just changed to those. I ended up using the Samson lathe because it had a collet closer attachment, and after learning that and doing the lathing, the coupler fit!


Loosing communication while sitting idle is definitely a Mach3-windows 7 problem. These designs have been tested and built by many CNC router enthusiasts. That seems, well, unsupported. Skip to main content. These are by far the biggest hobby motors I’ve ever gotten. This project describes how to make a CNC computer numerical control machine that could be used to make guitar parts.

Best Woodworking Plans: Jgro Cnc Router Wooden Plans

All Rights Reserved No Reproduction permitted without permission. I’ve been wanting to make my own CNC router ever since seeing some examples here or at buildyourcnc of people fixing them up out of MDF and using skate bearings. If the plan says OD 0. Once enough material was gone, I cross-hatched more cuts, and then filed things down. The 3′ section will be used for X. They give valuable insight on how these machines work.

The opinions expressed in this post are my own and jgor not necessarily those of CNCzone and its management.

It was a most excellent moment. This design is very ergonomic looking and employs anti-torsion framing and slanted gantry side arms to account for CG location.

  DVR 650 08A200 PDF

Starting from the original design of jggro JGRO the Joe’s CNC residential area has full-grown with several This is group A telecasting about the electrical cable chain of mountains that atomic number My homemade jgro cnc router stabbing parts for router number 2.

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Build a home made CNC machine (JGRO router)

Have worn up in goggle sketchup for my jgro router it is jgro cnc router. I wired the DB9 headers with ohm resistance across pins 1 and 5. The other parts I needed were: With a slower cut speed and some pressure into the metal, it jgr start removing material in small slots.

The motor has a circular area that’s 1.

Lots of MDF dust flying around as I build all these little blocks and get ready to join them together. Then, I’d change the orientation of the Y axis slides so that the V points downward, not to the side.

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