Buy The Gift Of Therapy: An open letter to a new generation of therapists and their patients: Reflections on Being a Therapist New Ed by Irvin Yalom (ISBN. From his thirty-five years as a practicing psychiatrist and as an award-winning author, Irvin D. Yalom imparts his unique wisdom in The Gift of Therapy. using the Instructor’s Manual for the DVD The Gift of Therapy: A. Conversation with Irvin Yalom, MD may reproduce parts of this manual in paper form for.

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The culmination of master psychiatrist Dr. The short “chapters” all of them are less than 4 or 5 pages make this quick read if you only have a few momentsa kind of daily “thought for the day” for clinicians.

The Gift of Therapy : An Open Letter to a New Generation of Therapists and Their Patients

Return to Book Page. The Collected Poems Sylvia Plath. Sort of like a bathtub, draining slowly, slowly, slowly. Whenever I am involved in a conversation about proper eating, not smoking, cancer, diabetes, and so on, and so forth, et ceteramy response is always the same: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Ths course I will be deeply human with my clients, how else could I be? Conversations and the recognition of mortality and death can have the concomitant result of distinguishing other forms of denial about anything from aging to the birth of grandchildren. But more deeply troubling is the Overall this book is a highly readable collection of personal insights and opinions from someone with a lifetime of experience in thegapy. How do I love this book!

While this book was good and worthwhile, Therap think I’m coming to accept that most of that bathtub of “not knowing” won’t be drained by books and probably won’t ever be drained at all very unfortunately. A professor recommended How Can I Help? This book reflects experiential depth and without being painfully, theoretically explicit, is an exploration of what healing means to both those who heal and those who are healed.


Yalom’s words about the therapeutic process perfectly describes my sentiment about the privilege of walking with clients in their journey of change.

Everyone looks around at each other and rolls their eyes… But think about it! A fabulous gifh I would recommend to any aspiring or current therapist. His advice to focus on the present and to engage with clients in a way that transcends typical boundaries shows his expertise and insight to the field of therapy, and his use of case studies keeps The Gift of Therapy an inviting and intriguing read.

Here is where that oft misunderstood gentleman Heidegger comes in… In our existence, we operate from two aspects: Yalom is widely considered a contemporary genius in the field when it comes to group therapy which he is often credited with formulating for contemporary contextsand irgin book, despite his occasional self-indulgences, is a testament to his brilliant self-effa I have the impression that many books on therapy in the self-help section are full of watered-down insight and oft-repeated platitudes,like clever pats on the back repackaged a thousand times beforebut this book is nothing like that.

The Gift of Therapy : Irvin Yalom :

Reviewed by Jeffrey C. Yalom demonstrates useful and genuine use of self which was a refreshing departure.

The Odyssey of Homer Richmond Lattimore. May 10, Mengran Xu rated it it was amazing. Refresh and try again. But I really really love this book. I think that’s the main message of the book with, of course, wonderful examples of how he therappy with his clients.


By labeling us as a CBT therapist or psychoanalyst, it gives us a sense of security and some control over therapy process. Here is an example: I was particularly impressed with chapters which emphasize therapist’s use of self.

The Gift of Therapy: An Open Letter to a New Generation of Therapists and Their Patients

He may not be orthodox by today’s standards but his clients went on to lead happier lives. Yalom embeds the awareness that patients are sometimes troubled by a confrontation with the harsh reality of the human condition. Whether it is psychoanalysis, interpersonal therapy, CBT, DBT, or existential therapy, they all need to be client centred. He really cares about reaching out to his clients and exploring his relationship with them, rather than the cold and aloof manner therapists seem to adopt with their patients.

In a world where glancing at someone unfavorably will get you sued, that’s pretty ballsy. Open Preview See a Problem?

Training in clinical psychology is not about skills either, it is by thousands of hours of learning and practicing that one thinks like a psychologist, acts like a psychologist, and most importantly, becomes a psychologist. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

Lastly, Irvin is obviously a man who cannot take good care of himself and is unable to detach his ego from the therapeutic process, rationalizing this as being true to himself and genuine and so forth.

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