30 Aug So I recieved a copy of Ross Enamait’s Infinite Intensity a few days ago and I am totally blown away. I had ordered a copy of his Never. 28 Oct I did one of the strength workouts from Infinite Intensity yesterday; That’s not to say that you have to be training for long periods to use the 10 Jan been doing infinite intensity by ross enamait MIND=BLOWN. Brahs, this workout will make you its bitch. For the unaware, Ross enamait.

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I’ve e-mailed him a few times and he’s always quick to respond. Part of the reason for this is that they are veryvery hard if you are using the correct i. Strength, conditioning, core and more.

Thanks for the review! Books by Ross Enamait. Board index All times are UTC Apr 15, Messages: I ran the 50 day program Phenomenal book. BrandoAug 31, I think the only thing I disagree with him on is he downplays, if not out and out excludes distance running opting for interval runs and wind sprints.

Denton Peter McCabe rated it really liked it Aug 08, Yep, I’ll be getting II soon.

Filip Van Houte rated it really liked it Mar 25, Share Intwnsity Page Tweet. Ross has a background in boxing so the focus is getting yourself in shape for combat sports. Bas rated it really liked it Aug 11, You have to put in the work.

This page manual will outline a complete system, from A to Z, covering all aspects of physical training. Every time it’s come through for me, and spit me out the other side a well conditioned machine.


A sample 50 day routine is provided which applies the principles detailed throughout the manual. The book is fantastic. If it works, we will use it. Personally, I’m happy to have both, as I plan on liberally borrowing from each when I design my next day plan.

The primary difference is in the training methods presented: Lists with This Book. These days, I keep my workouts short and intense. If you are enamajt non-believe check out his videos especially the new hardcore workout video, he’s insane. Ross is the man.

Infinite Intensity Index

As one attribute improves, previously developed attributes gradually decline. There have been world champion fighters who enajait by bodyweight exercise, while others thrived in the weight room.

I ran the 50 day program in this book ininite my vo2max dramatically, and lost close to 10lbs of fat. I ran the 50 day program, and it delivered. Dec 4, Messages: He gives alternatives he’s big on organic food to the poisonous products while still being realistic and not fanatical.

been doing infinite intensity by ross enamait MIND=BLOWN – Forums

Art VandelaySep 28, I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in improving their level of fitness. I plan on running another 50 day II standalone in January gotta work off Xmas lol.

Aug 15, Messages: Mark Carraway rated it liked it Jan 14, Its not the implement that is important, it is the hard assed work you put down and doing it in an inteligent and researched way that is important.


Like Infinite Intensitythis book includes a sample day plan, but Ross emphasizes again and again that you must tailor the plan to your needs.

Explosive strength also fades as the athlete dedicates all of his time towards strength endurance. Rather than training for multifaceted development, individual attributes are developed separately. I felt the need to create a true one-stop resource for training methods that require little or no equipment. Quite a few well-deserved slams against the food industry to go with tons of common-sense advice.

Whereas Infi I’ve boxed on and off since emamait been an athlete in one way or another my whole life but adding many of Ross Enamaits fitness ideas to my routine have helped me take enamaitt conditioning to a whole new level. Introduction 3 “I am constantly trying new things in a never-ending quest to improve my abilities and the abilities of those individuals I train.

I thought the nutrition chapter in NG was shocking and pretty scarey stuff that opened my eyes on a infinitd of things I thought I had in the bag milk, organic foods, fish, etc.

This manual incorporates the best of both worlds. The experimental intinite working with weights and explosive isometrics realized significant increases in both peak force and speed.

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