INA Datasheet, INA Fast Settling FET-Input Instrumentation Amplifier Datasheet, buy INA 11 Apr The INA is a high speed, FET-input instrumenta- tion amplifier offering excellent performance. The INA uses a current-feedback. INABP ti INA, High Speed Fet-input Instrumentation Amplifier. FEATURES. q FET INPUT: = 20pA max q LOW OFFSET VOLTAGE: µV max q LOW.

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Can you advice on whether it’s better to amplify the signal at the sensor or at the ADC? INA amps don’t perform that well a those high freq.

Datasheet «INA111»

The circuit is a modification from figure 7. Maybe my sensor is picking up the supply magnetic field. Dec 2, The term “noise” is far from clearly describing your observation, I fear.

I don’t know what to do with cable A and cable Lna111. Does it mean that Ina111 can connect the ground clip of my oscilloscope probe to protective ground with a capacitor and a resistor? Is this a sign that they may be damaged? I never thought the power supply would be critical for a bit app and and instr amp; I’ve never seen appnotes or books bothering with other than LM Yes, my password is: Dec 2, 9.


L1 and Inw111 are actually a single inductor coil, whose center is attached to ground. Blood oxygen meters, Part 1: The maximum input offset voltage of an INAB is 1mV so with your gain of the output offset voltage will be 0.

Should I be expecting that noise from the LM?

E-mail schematic if possible Lloyd. About gain and offset Posted by dakanat in forum: I’m considering using the ADrated for 10 MHz. Ground loops with single ended oscilloscope probes can’t be avoided, if the circuit has a protective earth connection and the oscilloscope too, for electrical safety reasons.

So it seems to indicate, that you have built another issue into your circuit. I’m not sure I understand it.

[SOLVED] INA JFET instr amp application noisy?

Cadence Virtuoso run different version called version 2. I’m making a bit app.

My shielded cable has 5 nF capacitance and the sensor is 5 ohm. Voltage Comparator Design You much have the human body connected to circuit ground it will not work properly with a floating source as you show in the schematic.

INA 111 AU

Hi allI’m working on INA instrumentation amplifier where I’m input the value of Vp-p and 68kHz frequency and set the gain as given in datasheet – equation to – gainWhen I’m connecting the input from a Function generatorthe value is amplified correctly and output of about 12 Vp-p approx.


Your modified circuit still has the inputs floating which was explained before and is wrong. Instrumentation amplifier gain resistor Posted by nothing in forum: Potentiometer with Microcontroller 3.

I even tried having my body connected to ground ,no improvements. But When the Input is connected from the pair of electrodes from the Human body which senses the voltage drop of Vp-pthe output of INA is not gained properly – output of 2. Changing a V capacitor in Cisco switch power adapter Maximum power point in solar converter Your circuit had both inputs differentially fed from a signal generator but since the signal generator is not connected to 0V then both inputs are floating.

Keep as close to amp as possible. Initial value depending on the input As for cable noise try the bootstrap trick bias the shield some INAs have a bootstrap output just for that reason.

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