Dunmanifestin Limited/Narrativia Limited/Paul Kidby. GURPS, Discworld Roleplaying Game, Pyramid, Warehouse 23, the pyramid logo, and the names of all. Gurps Discworld [Phil Masters, Terry Pratchett, Paul Kidby] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Events on the Discworld have been. ANOTHER CAVEAT: I play games using GURPS, but I don’t run such games. For those who’ve experienced Pratchett’s Discworld books and who play Role.

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You need to login to do this. The emphasis is on themes, episodes from history, and the world at large. Read the Designer’s Notes for free dsicworld Pyramid! It also allowed me to apply some newer GURPS concepts to Discworld games, like the whole chapter of character templates which, incidentally, are also mostly applicable to other fantasy games.

Let us know in the comments! So, the end result is something close to realm magic and effect gkrps magic, rather than the spell-list-driven version of magic in the Basic Set and Magic.

Discworld Roleplaying Game

This included revised and sometimes abbreviated versions of much of the setting and scenario material that first appeared in Discworld Also. The range of targets has been wide, from British public school stories through RPGs and revolutionary politics to Hollywood and rock and roll, and the tone has ranged from the affectionate to the savage.


I could, still, argue the point in its favour, but in the end, it had to come out. It also became clear that some subjects might work better than others. There’s a lot of unusual stuff on the Disc, but don’t worry about gueps lost — game author Phil Masters has crafted a roadmap to Pratchett-inspired storytelling.

Many of its expansions have also won awards. Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter.

Book:GURPS Discworld

It would have been better to integrate the two indices entirely or to have a separate comprehensive traits list my preference. You need no other books to play. Elements of the first edition are mapped onto one standard set of Player Archetypes here. The near-human part is known as “Scruffy” because he isand the canine part is called Scruffy Too.

Book:GURPS Discworld – Discworld & Terry Pratchett Wiki

His particular blend of humor, wit, philosophy and pragmatic bloodymindedness made a unique world that gave many people myself included something to laugh and learn along with. The point is that you can create just about any kind of character in GURPS, which is both its blessing and its curse. The truth is that the group is a by-product of wizardly guurps. GURPS as a system is not without its problems.


And he and gkrps golden horde of oldies rampaged around for a while, in search of glory and linniment. As a GM I found them helpful. Life and Lands Chapter 6 marks a significant change in tone. Cover to Discworld Also. The heaviest armour is jousting plate, at DR 7. Yes, if you buy from one of these links, Amazon pays a percentage to SJ Games! The wizard, irritated by this, decided simply to throw all five out.

The Brown Islands is a rich campaign setting, but the chapter also includes a half dozen or so additional settings and scenario ideas.

There are five of them if you count the dog, which seems somehow obligatorytravelling in a garishly-daubed cart. Campaign for goblin rights. In addition to worldbuilding advice, there are eight scenario seeds to begin an adventure. Beware the Ambiguous Puzuma Chapter 10 covers the creatures of the Disc.

End Matter Discworld Roleplaying Game concludes with a glossary, bibliography, and index. They may at first appear to be Ecksian backpackers especially the two blond onesbut their lack of distinctive accents gives the lie to this.

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