The Evolution of Technology (Cambridge Studies in the History of Science) [ George Basalla] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Presents an. The Evolution of Technology by George Basalla (Cambridge University Press ) pp. viii , $, ISBN 0 I Pbk. The Evolution of Technology by George Basalla. Review by: Colleen We use information technology and tools to increase productivity and facilitate new forms.

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George Basalla – – Perspectives in Biology thf Medicine 48 1: Feb 06, Ben Babcock rated it really liked it Shelves: Of the two books I’m reading for this class the other is Introduction to the Philosophy of Scienceby Robert KleeI liked this one better.

External or Internal Factors?

Gma rated it it was amazing Mar 30, Therefore, te book’s argument is shaped by analogies drawn selectively from the theory of organic evolution, and not from the theory and practice of political revolution. Open Preview See a Problem?

a: The Evolution of Technology — pasta and vinegar

This article has no associated abstract. These communities stay in balance with their land, and are content. They do not suffer from a persistent itch for more and more. The path to sustainability is blocked by ideas — toxic illusions, metabolized into highly contagious beliefs, resulting in mass insanity.


G.Basalla: The Evolution of Technology

Therefore, the book’s arguement is shaped by analogies taken selectively from the theory of organic evolution, and not from the theory and practice of political revolution. This isn’t random science fiction speculation on his part—while any counterfactual history is ultimately speculative, Basalla draws on serious studies on the subject to marshal support for his anti-deterministic argument for the evolution of technology. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

This is not true for artificial selection as practiced by animal and plant breeders. China invented the compass, gunpowder, and printing, and put them to practical use.

Older March 11, Paris metro interactive map. He then describes various sources:. Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration of the Society. George Basalla’s book called ” The Evolution of Technology ” Cambridge University Press, is another important resource for the game controller project. Agriculture and architecture are new novelties, not necessities. Such dissimulations are the result of a system that attempts to impose discontinuity on what is essentially a continuous phenomenon ” The confusion of technological and socio-economical change: No sustainable society used wheels, because they had no need for them.

How and why did we get into this mess?

The Tikopians and Sentineli are island societies that keep their numbers in check, and live very lightly, using simple artifacts. Cambridge University Press Amazon.


James Hansen, The Evolution of Technology by George Basalla – PhilPapers

Sign in to use evolufion feature. Why do I blog this? Alex Claman rated it really liked it Jul 12, Lists with This Book.

It felt like he was a shaman conveying vital messages from the realm of the ancestors, whilst being cleverly disguised as a history professor. Given our interest in studying a “lineage” of technical artifacts, I was wary of using the “evolution” metaphor because of the underlying idea of progress that I did not want to imply.

The Evolution of Technology

One is the result of purposeful human activity, the other the outcome of a random natural process. Famous inventions were never original, unique, unprecedented acts of pure magic that fell out of the sky, like acts of God. Novelty This chapter aimed at understanding how to account for differences and diversity in technological artifacts. Arthur Tehcnology – – Philosophy 1 1:

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