Fugitive Pieces: A Novel [Anne Michaels] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A New York Times Notable Book of the Year Winner of the. Searing the mind with stunning images while seducing with radiant prose, this brilliant first novel is a story of damaged lives and the indestructibility of the human. 22 May The story that Fugitive Pieces sets out to tell is easy to turn into a summary. A prefatory note tells us that, just before his death, a poet called.

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A young Jewish boy is the only one to escape a raid by the Gestapo on the family because he has hidden in a secret place in the pantry.

Jakob never feels truly at home anywhere, even in Greece. He made ufgitive review my Hebrew alphabet. It is an unusual book but possibly not for all tastes. So I lived a breath apart, a touch-typist who holds his hands above the keys slightly in the wrong place, the words coming out meaningless, garbled.

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Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels |

But he carries within himself the essence of who she was for the rest of his life. View all 12 comments. Later, shards of knowledge about the history that has destroyed his family enter his narration. Science has as important a role in the novel as poetry and music. This is a story of heart-rending beauty that rivals any tale of loss I have ever read.

Even when the mind forgets, the soul remembers. Why is the first section of the novel entitled “The Drowned City?

The beauty of prose that will always be remembered. An everlasting bond of love is formed between this pair, yet the memories of Jakob’s family continually haunt him. There are sections of this book that I don’t even remember reading and that is not good for me. The second narrative has uncovered the first narrative.


And her novel, Fugitive Pieces, was made into a motion picture in Along with winning many awards, Michaels has received praise from multiple media outlets and academics such as University College London professor John Mullan and Michiko Kakutani.

With this electrifying image, Anne Michaels ushers us into her rapturously acclaimed novel of loss, memory, history, and redemption.

Guardian book club: Memories of war

The moment I failed to see Bella had disappeared. There are few words to describe how annoying I found fkgitive book. We change, but the ghosts in our minds stay the same. For “Fugitive Pieces” is about the repercussions of the Holocaust, both on survivors and those who survive the survivors.

Michaels, who has also composed musical scores for the theater, has said “when fugittive put a tremendous amount of love into your work, as in any r From Canadian Poetry Online: View all 6 comments.

Why does he eventually find life with her impossible?

They buried themselves in strange graves, any space that would fit their bodies, absorbing more room than was alloted them in the world. Love feeds on the protein of detail, sucks fact to the marrow; just as there’s no generality in the body, every particular speaking at once until there’s such a crying out If you like fine lyrical writing as opposed to a pedestrian type style, this is the book for you.

A beautiful book about love and its powers. May 26, Pages. After hiding in the woods this is Poland for many days, he finds and is found by a Greek archaeologist There are so many books on michxels holocaust that it has almost dulled the magnitude of the atrocity. I’m so glad I did! Quotes from Fugitive Pieces. Jakob is not remembering things for the reader’s benefit, but for his own.


Feb 25, Hannah rated it it was ok. Both Hebrew and Greek, Athos liked to say, contain the ancient loneliness of ruins, “like a flute heard distantly down a hillside of olives, or a voice calling to a boat from shore. The first part is told by Jakob Beer, who escaped as a child, then was rescued, hidden, protected.

Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels – Reading Guide –

What instances does the novel give of the destructive power of language? On the one hand the prose is so dense and rich, poetic and downright stunning. As Michaels follows Jakob across two continents, she lets us witness his transformation from a half-wild casualty of the Holocaust to an artist who extracts meaning from its abyss.

But making an effort mitigates the PTSD, even if it doesn’t put the pieces all back where they were. And Bella is no more a corpse, a victim, a ghost. Jakob and Alex fall in love and marry, but the relationship fails because Alex expects Jakob to change too fast and abandon his past.

And yet, there fugitivve so much feeling. Face to face with the author.

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