How to Disappear has ratings and 72 reviews. Frank M. Ahearn geeft in dit boek praktische tips hoe veilig(er) om te gaan met persoonlijke gegevens;. 23 May When life becomes too much, Frank Ahearn can help you disappear. He’s not cheap; this New York-based skip-tracer turned skip-maker. 4 Jun Frank Ahearn calls himself a “digital hit man” — if your reputation is He made his name in with his book How To Disappear, which.

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I do a lot of phone consultations and the minute you mention fake identity, I hang up on you; fo lost your money. What you do then is entirely up to you; this magic man has no intention of breaking the law by helping you forge a new identity. Considering this book was written just three years ago, I mistakenly assumed that it would focus on online privacy and falling off the virtual grid. We enjoyed giving her jailbird the finger.

And I’m thinking, what a dumbass; you buy these books on discretion and then you use a credit card? Can you get that for me? All that said, his insight into this world is sharp and at times hilarious. What’s your aheaarn worry in helping your clients vanish? A lot of clients have had businesses that just died because of the economy and have this seed money, and frnak want to just walk away and leave their old life behind.

Q&A with author Frank Ahearn on the art of disappearing

Can you trace card use in real time, as the TV cop shows would have us believe? Say you have a stalker. Is it the best-written book? The offers that appear on this site are from companies from which CreditCards. Technology has really made it so we can live virtual.


How to Disappear by Ahearn, Frank | Lyons Press

Why would somebody want to disappear? This book encourages the above sort of paranoia. As a reader, I just enjoyed the thrill of the idea, that one could start over with a new life risappear a fresh start.

Lists with This Book. After all, what’s fifty cents off detergent compared to my privacy? I hlw think so, anyway. Use multiple daisy-chained accounts maildrops, email account, phone ‘s, bank accounts, etc. Passed all my expectations.

Let’s create the illusion of disappearing because we don’t have to disappear anymore. Now, tell me what you came to say, without the grit in your teeth.

It’s one of those books you can easily read in a weekend, so, why not? The author’s freshly sardonic writing style and a no-nonsense attitude also help to keep you engaged, although there is some repetitiveness in the latter parts of the book which could have been avoided.

Ahezrn book goes into minute detail about laying false trails for people looking for you.

On average, it could take three months, but it really depends on who’s after you and why. So the housekeeper says, “No, Monica Lewinski’s not here now. I feel he’s talking down aharn me.

It would be a handy reference as well for mystery writers. The author goes through great pains to spell out the steps that will prevent you from getting caught, but I can’t help but think some of the repetition could have been avoi An interesting read, for a disppear while. As it stands, I read it with something of a passing interest, and found that after the first few chapters, much of the information is repeated over and over.


You’re well compensated for making people go “poof. To me, disappearing is living a virtual existence. You’re going to say, “I’m not that guy, I’m not that guy! This is the data they’ll follow. Monica Lewinski and [her mother] Marcia Lewis. Purely by fluke, man. Nevertheless Ahearn tries to sound like a social media guru: My point is, you can’t expect privacy and then go to dinner at STK in L.

I’ve worked with clients who entered business deals and did not know who they were entering it with and things went sour and they were afraid for their life.

This was a fun and interesting book describing in simple and entertaining terms how to disappear. But what would be the point of finding hoq address if someone has already broken into my own home? Books by Frank M. I think, if anyone is reading the book with the thought of really “d I read tl book more for entertainment than actual action; I was curious about what the author would say one should do to “hide”. How does he do it?

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