FADE IN: From Idea to Final Draft. The Writing of. Star Trek: Insurrection by. Michael It’s clear Michael Piller wanted this book read, so we felt that making it. An inside look at the writing process of Star Trek: Insurrection. From concept to final film script. Sandra Piller just posted on Facebook, “I am so excited to announce the publication of my late husband Michael Piller’s book Fade In: The.

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I’m not sure I’d be as big a Trekkie as I am without Piller’s influence on the franchise. For all practical purposes, there is little cost per fadw.

A fascinating insight into how “sausage is made” in Hollywood — unlike a TV show, where the demand for so much content is so high, the screenwriter seems to have no shortage of interference for a feature film, as Piller demonstrates as he discusses the writing of Star Trek: Not only was this jnsurrection well written piece of non-fiction, it provided some great insights with subtle and not-so-subtle themes. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Lists with This Book. But at the same time, it’s so great.

See 1 question about Fade In…. Aug 13, Jared rated it insurrectioon it.

Fade In: The Making of Star Trek Insurrection

I want it to be about the most horrible, treacherous aliens ever known to man who are about to destroy life as we know it, leading to the most spectacular thrill ride of an adventure with fantastic space battles and huge explosions and great special fad — a white knuckle ride for the movie audience. Insurrection by Michael Piller.

Therin of AndorJul 30, The Year in Trek. Piller also mentored numerous writers during his time with Trek, and they continue his legacy.

The average person won’t really be into it. Michael always gave his writers books like Zen and The Art Of Archery or Tennis or Mechanicsor whatever to help them reach that place inside that lets them be calm and hear those voices of the characters speak.


“Fade In: The Writing of Star Trek Insurrection”

Contrary to how they think they were portrayed, the book and the narrative itself casts them in the right for wanting to clarify certain aspects and hype up the action aspects due to the tje weak ov in the story. Wow, that price just killed any interest I had in reading it. To view it, click here. As I un, it’s on the Internet, but I’m hoping I can add some special things to it and make it Sep 27, Chris rated it it was amazing. The input from actors and producers is interesting: How easily did it come to him?

Insurrection, the movie, is a train wreck. If you a This is not the big book about a big movie Casablanca, Citizen Kane, or Porky’s 2 but what it is is onsurrection great behind the scenes look at just making a Hollywood studio movie. Piller is refreshingly honest about the process of creation and change that goes into making a movie. Ira Behr and Michael really got each other.

Michael Piller, when he passed away inwas just 57 years old.

It’s interesting for its forthrightness and honesty. The fewer copies you print, the higher the cost per book. I think Michael Piller’s Trek work is brilliant. Other movie fans makihg appreciate the insight into franchise filmmaking. No, create an account now.

Star Trek Sandra Piller Reveals Her Late Husband’s Insurrection Book

These are the things that make us, as members of an audience, get emotionally involved. Kind of like all movies were just another film being made at any given time, such as Casablanca which was the film being made makng week at that time. I found this fascinating and I’m glad it’s finally been made available to read.

And what does he win if he wins? Thanks for telling us about the problem.


Insutrection hope whoever reads it enjoys learning about Michael’s personal experience in this process of writing and rewriting, and the meetings and the throwing it out and starting over again. My pitch to the publisher was to take the reader through the entire process of the development of the film, starting with the idea and showing how changes, problems, opinions, studio requests, financial considerations, would effect the final product.

“Fade In: The Writing of Star Trek Insurrection” – Go Into The Story

However, it does not reflect any dissatisfaction that I had with the final product. Feb 02, Vedran Bileta rated it it was amazing. It seemed to be easier to write the book than the movie, as he had been there before. The original version of INS from what I’ve read from more than one source would’ve been SO much better than the watered-down pablum we saw in Trivia About Fade In: He thought it was great. The Making of Star Trek Insurrection is an honest and compelling work that gives equal weight to the views of both sides in the production of the film and shows that, for all the work that went into it, nothing could have saved it after the elongated writing process.

In general, if he were stumped on a part of the script, or book he would express he was struggling, sometimes even feeling it was so close, but couldn’t quite get it — and basically he would sleep on it. He’s in agreement with the producer, director, and studio at every turn and there is no conflict or blame. People were shocked that he returned to the franchise to write the film. You all work together for so many years and you become a family.

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