Used Electrovoice – E/V EV T PLUS PAIR Speaker Cabinet. What would be better for a bar band, 4 to 5 piece, country-blues-rock, 3 vocals, miking drums-guitars-bass? system A) 1 EV QRX/over 1 EV. Buy used T+ Cabinet Speakers by Electro-Voice. (1) EV DX T+. Dualinch two-way speaker with watts continuous, 3, watts peak.

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I know the FM is a good box, but unfortunately you have to sell your rig on paper. Over time I have helped several people that were evv trying to break in doing nationals and a couple of them with the same exact wedges you have. If you are going to consider the QRx, then you may want to also look at the Carvin TRx speakers. That said, the low mid response of the is a tiny bit weak, so I guess it’s kind of a draw.

Originally posted by rickkreuzer Hey Dan I’ve never heard an EAW I didn’t like, but as far as I could tell, these were just not-pretty-sounding boxes. As Adam mentioned the QRX will supply plenty of Lowmid gas, and the will be IMO sonicly alot better than a dual 12″ and it will throw further too. He walked off stage and has never been sighted since. The mains decision is a little tougher, mostly because I don’t really like either one of those cabinets. Salt Lake City Utah Refrigerators, ovens etc.


EV T or QRX | Harmony Central

Get these mutts away from me. February 23, Why don’t we put on a little outdoor show this summer, we can use your PA and have a few different acts.

You seem to have an ok rig. I also think that for even a lower end national act bi amped wedges are not an unreasonable demand.

They do get pretty loud though, I’ll give them that. My eyes were also looking at the mtl1-x box, but I’d be worried that it would require too large of a room for the sound wave to develop properly.

I also have the QRX tops. They dont array well tho.

For live use, I would much prefer the over the QRx Please contact me at This ad was posted with the This is probably due to the titanium diaphram. Remember that wall current in some bars is limited and efficiency is a concern even though all the amps are crown K series.

Electro-Voice T+ – Dual inch Two-Way Speaker

I have a pile and LOVE them. Speakers are in very good condition and work great for large and small parties March 08, This is for a seat church.


So, maybe with good power and wedges with a good crossover and drivers you might get by without biamping the monitors. Maybe Dan will chime in with his thoughts. The MF horn on the can’t be rotated, obviously. 2t52

El Cajon California Computers and Parts. I don’t find this stuff amusing anymore. We are not biamping them.

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A bit smaller and lighter. Start out with 4 mixes bi amped and 4 mixes passive. Join the HC Newsletter. Some went with Mackie powered boxes using them as wedges and some went with Peavey Impulse used as wedges.

I don’t know if you have biamped the FM I haveit makes a big difference in the performance of the box. Anyway, regarding the DJs system sounding ass, Never underestimate the degradation power of a DJ mixer. Pulled out of a new cab. Now in smaller settings i thing the dual 12″ would be better bacuase the dance floor wont get the beaming mid driver up close Again the SRX is a great box but not for me.

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