Itraconazole loaded ethosomes were prepared and characterized by vesicular shape, vesicular size, entrapment efficiency. Ethosomal gel were prepared and. J Cosmet Dermatol. Aug doi: /jocd [Epub ahead of print]. Novel ethosomal gel of clove oil for the treatment of cutaneous candidiasis. J Liposome Res. Nov doi: / [ Epub ahead of print]. Transdermal ethosomal gel nanocarriers; a promising.

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Open Access Pharmaceutics Research Journal. One of the best methods to enhance drug penetration is formulating drugs into nanovesicles [ 44 ].

The increase of amount QC in the suspension would increase the particle size of ethosomes. He has published more than 25 research papers in high impacted journals and presented more than 25 research papers in international and national conferences.

Gels should not be too acidic or alkaline because they can irritate the skin. Based on the results of Park et al. The primary content of ethosomes is phospholipid and ethanol. Sthosomal Policies and Ethics.

Dual-release mechanism of ethosomal gels ie, ethosomes and gel makes them as versatile drug delivery systems for topical applications. Additionally, QC consumed orally will be hydrolysed by enzymatic reaction or by microbes followed by glucuronidation, sulfation or methylation. However, QC has low oral bioavailability [ 2 ].


Novel ethosomal gel of clove oil for the treatment of cutaneous candidiasis.

Abdominal skin of rats 1. The thin film of ethosomes was hydrated with phosphate buffer solution pH 5. A previous study on QC ethosomes by Park et al. Formulation and evaluation of topical gel of diclofenac sodium using different polymers.

Novel ethosomal gel of clove oil for the treatment of cutaneous candidiasis.

The drug content of the ethosomal gel formulations ranged from 0. The result in this research was in line with the theory. Also, QC is metabolized immediately through enzymatic hydrolysis [ 9 ] in GIT when administered orally. Design, development and characterization of ethosomal gel of Naproxen. Additionally, ethhosomal vitro penetration test and bioavailability study in rats were performed. Novel oral ethpsomal formulations.

There were two gels prepared as shown in Table 2. After that, suspension obtained was sonicated by using a probe sonicator for 20 min at room temperature. It is also glucuronidated, sulphated and methylated [ 8 – 10 ]. Even its particle size was not the smallest, but its PDI and zeta potential were the best among other formulae. The aim of the present study was to prepare ethosomal gel of clove oil and evaluate its effectiveness in ethisomal treatment of cutaneous candidiasis.


The gel was placed inside of O-ring 1. The results showed that ethosomes could improve the stability of QC in EG.

Cutaneous candidiasis is the infection caused by Candida albicans or other Candida species. Ethosomes are nanovesicles with high potential to increase the penetration of drugs [ 14 ]. Results showed that E2 was the chosen formula to be incorporated into the gel dosage form.

Its viscosity would decrease when its pH becomes more acidic. The receptor compartment was immediately replaced with an equal volume of fresh medium.

On the other hand, the QC penetrated from NEG could pass the hepatic metabolism and be distributed directly to the circulation to all parts of the body. Both of gels were evaluated their organoleptic, homogeneity, and pH pH meter Etnosomal Instrument, Singapore every two weeks.

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