The 27th Status Report on EPIRA implementation covers the period May . Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), Republic Act No. An Act Ordaining Reforms in the Electric Power Industry, Amending for the purpose certain laws /. ELECTRIC POWER INDUSTRY REFORM ACT OF Project Management Consultancy of the Philippine WESM, and (2) Procurement and Installation of.

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Debts of Electric Cooperatives.

Highlights on the Implementation of RA No. , EPIRA of | DOE | Department of Energy Portal

The take over by a distribution utility of any subtransmission asset shall not philippines a diminution of service and quality to the end-users. No generation company or distribution utility, or its respective subsidiary or affiliate or stockholder or official of a generation company or distribution utility, or other entity engaged in generating and supplying electricity specified by ERC shall be allowed to hold any interest, direct or indirect, in TRANSCO or its concessionaire.

To promote true market competition and prevent harmful monopoly and market power abuse, the ERC shall enforce the following safeguards: Critics have called for its review or even outright repeal due to its supposed ineffectiveness. The cost of administering and operating the wholesale electricity spot market shall be recovered by philiopines market operator through a charge applied to all market members: Provided, That in fixing rates and tariffs of transmission, and distribution retail wheeling charges and tariffs of spira electric utilities and all electric power rates, an affirmative vote of three 3 members shall be required.

In the event a divestment is required, the ERC shall allow the affected party sufficient epra to remedy the infraction or for an orderly disposal, but shall in no case exceed twelve 12 months from the issuance of the order; g In the public interest, pilippines and enforce a methodology for setting transmission and distribution wheeling rates and retail rates for the captive market of a distribution utility, taking into account all relevant considerations, including the efficiency or inefficiency of the regulated entities.

All employees of NPC affected by the passage of this Act shall be entitled to avail of the privileges provided laq the NPC separation plan existing as of January 1, PSALM was created to take ownership of all existing generation assets, independent power producers IPP contracts, real estate and all other disposable assets, and to assume all liabilities and obligations of NPC. In case of disagreement in valuation, procedures, ownership participation and other issues, the ERC shall resolve such issues.

All notices of hearings to be conducted by the ERC for the purpose of fixing rates or fees shall be published at least twice for two successive weeks in two 2 newspapers of nationwide circulation. Electricity suppliers shall be subject to the rules and regulations concerning abuse of market power, cartelization, and other anti-competitive or discriminatory behavior to be promulgated by the ERC. Where there are two or more connected distribution utilities, the consortium or juridical entity shall be formed by and composed of all of them which has been granted a franchise to operate the subtransmission asset by the ERC.


For both the distribution retail wheeling and supply charges, inter-class subsidies shall be removed in accordance with this Act.

The Power Commission shall adopt its internal rules of procedures; conduct hearings and receive testimonies, reports and technical advice; invite or summon by subpoena ad testificandum any public official, private citizen or any other person to testify before it, or require any person by subpoena duces tecum to produce before it such records, reports, documents or other materials as it may require; and generally require all the powers necessary to attain the purposes for which it is created.

With improvements to the WESM rules and their enforcement, and the impending full implementation of retail competition and open access for consumers philippinss kWh of power usage per month, Epira can yet bring electricity prices further down. But it can only be as effective as how well we enforce it to ensure sufficient competition in the industry, and how well we ensure that we have adequate power supplies, regular and reserve alike.

Powers and Functions of the DOE. The Chairman and members of the Commission or any of their relatives within the fourth civil degree of consanguinity or affinity, legitimate or common law, shall be prohibited from holding any interest whatsoever, either as investor, stockholder, officer or director, in any company or entity engaged in the business of transmitting, generating, supplying or distributing any form of energy and must, therefore, divest through sale or legal disposition of any and all interests in the energy sector upon assumption of office.

For existing companies, such public offering shall epria implemented not later than five 5 years from the effectivity of this Act. A distribution utility shall have the obligation to supply electricity in the least cost manner to its captive market, subject to the collection of distribution retail supply rate duly approved by the ERC. Provided, finally, That there shall be no reappointment and in no case shall any member serve for more than seven 7 years in the Commission.

Any distribution utility which opts to recover stranded cost shall have a duty to mitigate its potential stranded contract costs by making reasonable best efforts to: It shall hereinafter be referred to as the Act. The relevant distribution utility shall submit to the ERC quarterly reports showing lqw amount of stranded costs recovered and the balance remaining to be recovered. The market shall provide the mechanism for identifying and setting the price of actual variations from the quantities transacted under contracts between sellers and purchasers of electricity.


Inter-grid and intra-grid cross subsidies for both phulippines transmission and the generation rates shall be removed in accordance with this Act. The rates prescribed shall be non-discriminatory.

Highlights on the Implementation of RA No. 9136, EPIRA of 2001

Distribution eepira shall prepare and submit to the DOE their annual distribution development plans. These include generation, distribution, and transmission charges — the three costliest items — as well as supply, universal, system loss, and metering charges.

The amount of One lsw fifty million pesos PHP , The PDP shall consider and integrate the individual or joint development plans of the transmission, generation, and distribution sectors of the power industry, which are submitted to the Department: With these, electricity prices should go down. Provided, further, That foreign loans shall be obtained, for and in behalf of TRANSCO, in accordance with law and the rules and regulations of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas; f To maintain a provident fund which consists of contributions made by both the TRANSCO and its officials and employees and their earnings for the payment of benefits to such officials and employees or their heirs under such terms and conditions as it may prescribe; g To do any act necessary or proper to carry out the purpose for which it is created, or which, from time to time, may be declared by the TRANSCO Board as necessary, useful, incidental or auxiliary to accomplish its purposes and objectives; and, h Generally, to exercise all the powers of a corporation under the corporation law insofar as they are not inconsistent with this Act.

To achieve this objective and to ensure the complete eepira of cross subsidies, the cap on the recoverable rate of system losses prescribed in Section 10 of Republic Act No.

Said fund shall be managed by NPC under existing arrangements; and. Provided, however, That the other provinces, cities, municipalities, or regions shall not be deprived of their energy requirements; o Encourage private enterprises engaged in energy projects, including corporations, cooperatives, and similar collective organizations, to broaden the base of their ownership phioippines thereby encourage the widest public ownership of energy-oriented corporations; p Formulate such rules and regulations as may be necessary to implement the objectives of this Act; and q Exercise such other powers as may be necessary or incidental to attain the objectives of this Act.

These include, among others, biomass, solar, wind, hydro and ocean energy; nn “Restructuring” refers to the process of reorganizing the electric power industry in order to introduce higher efficiency, greater innovation and end-user choice.

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