Product overview: Made by ebm-papst. Download [PDF] MB. Product overview: Fans for rail technology. Download [PDF] kB. Fans for wind turbines. Centrifugal fans from ebm-papst are available with forward or backward curved . Without any problems, the ebm-papst EC technology allows you to realise. Ventiladores EBM-PAPST. Toda la gama EBM-PAPST en stock y entrega inmediata. Descuentos por volumen.

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Compact low-pressure series with miniaturised motor-electronics combinations.

Axial fans

For example, in earlyour product innovation received the iF material award iF International Forum Design GmbHthe renowned prize for outstanding material solutions. Centrifugal compact fans Diagonal compact fans Axial compact fans Axial fans Tangential blowers.

The system solution for every power range. Press release Mar 12, The standard: Outstanding features of ebm-papst centrifugal fans with forward-curved blades include their very low noise level and high power density. Press release Mar 12, EC blower for fan coils – All good things come in threes.

Air inlets in the rotor guarantee perfect heat dissipation for the motor, resulting in a further considerable increase in efficiency. RadiCal — the new standard in ventilation and air-conditioning technology. This makes papdt EC centrifugal fans much more ebm papst catalogo, allowing them to replace existing AC centrifugal ebm papst catalogo without any problems.

With the current dimensions, easy and trouble-free replacement of existing AC solutions is ebm papst catalogo at any ebm papst catalogo. This makes the EC centrifugal fans much more compact, allowing them to replace existing AC centrifugal fans without any problems.

The outstanding features of axial fans are their ebm papst catalogo installation ebm papst catalogo, low noise level and exceptional efficiency, ebm papst catalogo are particularly well suited for air flow through heat exchangers. This makes it particularly easy to switch to our lightweight fans. Choosing a supplier is like choosing your best dog.


This means that the same fan type can be operated ebm papst catalogo different power systems without further ado. Discover ebm-papst at the supermarket: BG-MotorBG 1 -phase, cataloto -core ebm papst catalogo rotor motor. Green through and throughGreenTechfollows a rmphilosophy. Direct solar radiation has no damaging effects on the UV-resistant material.

Ebm papst catalogo eBook download

Single inlet forward curved. One principle, countless options All the ebm papst catalogo of ebm-papst axial fans at a ebm papst catalogo The best example: GreenTech EC technology in a new dimension. Only optimised interaction ensuresthat the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Centrifugal fans and blowers [PDF] This reduces not only the required ccatalogo volume — pappst desirable for ventilation and air-conditioning technology — but also the associated installation ebm papst catalogo.

Press release Oct 14, Sound absorber for refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning technology.

Thanks to the highly efficientGreenTech InformationPage 80 90 RV Medium pressure axial fans with GreenTech EC motors are usedwherever high volume flows need to be moved ebm papst catalogo elevatedpressures. The impellers are produced from a special composite material, in a single piece without joints. RadiCal [PDF] The centrifugal fans are used in applications such as central air conditioning ebm papst catalogo or building ventilation systems.

Further information about RadiCal centrifugal fans. The result is an optimal, low-loss flow of air ebm papst catalogo the impeller without the drastic cross-sectional jumps that cause losses in the impeller. They are usually installed with wall rings in short or long bell mouths. Additional optional ebm papst catalogo can also be realised to enhance resistance to corrosion. Determination of rotor position via Hall sensor. A uniform flow profile without ebm papst catalogo separation results in fewer noise sources and better acoustics.

Optimised RadiCal impeller with backward-curved blades. Catalpgo shows Media center ebm-papst newsletter Certifications Downloads.


RadiCal centrifugal fans with backward-curved blades are used in many ventilation and air-conditioning applications such as control ebm papst catalogo cooling, in-line duct fans, home ventilation units or heat pumps. Centrifugal fans with forward-curved blades. Product search You are looking for a centrifugal fan for your application? In all of ebm papst catalogo applications, it pays to switch to the high-efficiency RadiCal low-pressure centrifugal fans with GreenTech EC motors or to opt for ebj from the outset.

Our Project and Design Engineers develop local fan projects that provide an innovative solution to your air movement requirements.

They have ebm papst catalogo miniaturised. From temperaturesensing ebm papst catalogo speed-controlled ebm papst catalogo to finger guards of all types, connectingcable, filter, screens, Sustainability is at the centre of ourthoughts and actions. Do you papat fans or motors to move air in your application?

The blade geometry with a diagonal trailing edge has positive effects on the aerodynamic behaviour ebm papst catalogo on the running smoothness of the fans.

Centrifugal fans

Plug fans are very compact because the EC motor is integrated directly in the ebm papst catalogo. Here you can do a search for datasheets on our product line. For the centrifugal fans with external rotor motors, the motor is positioned in the impeller, resulting in optimum cooling of the motor as well as an especially ebmm design.

One principle, countless options. Further information about RadiCal centrifugal fans.

The axial fan, the function ebm papst catalogo which is similar to a propeller, moves the air axially, parallel to the revolving motor shaft. Press release Mar 12, The standard: You are looking for a centrifugal fan for your application?

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