Dashboards show at-a-glance information which is designed to allow you to make key decisions quickly. This video provides a short overview of what. 3 days ago Dundas BI is a business intelligence, analytics and dashboard The drag and drop feature for creating views is a very productive feature. Review of Dundas BI Software: system overview, features, price and cost UI part, whether it’s related to creating a dashboard or creating cubes, measures and.

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Not all steps are intuitive to end users e. Analytics Dundas dashboard design and flexibility extends to its analytics capabilities. If you are not used to windows than it takes time to navigate. It focuses on ease of use for data and business analysts, flexibility for technologists, quick deployment times, and collaborative capabilities to broaden the value of analytics. It also allows organizations to add data sources, metrics, virtual tables, OLAP analysis, etc.

Cons There could be more analysis functionality.

Product Review: Why Choose Dundas Dashboard?

It would be great if there was more guidance built into the application so that the tools could be more intuitive. One of the benefits of Dundas Dashboard is that it provides a wizard-like feel by giving users options to load data, prepare data views, and create performance and analytical dashboards.


Not many How to do videos or academy for beginners to learn the product to get comfortable in the start. Dundas BI is a wonderful product that is easy to use and has great features. These patented technologies enable a direct line between connecting to a data source, analyzing it and presenting the results on a dashboard without having to first configure and format a certain model or dataset from the data source.

Dundas Data Visualization fits within the broader Business Tutodial market in the following ways:. Never experienced such help performance. Dundas gave us a lot of good things for our dashboards. Supported Operating System s: It offers the ability to expand solutions, analytics, data connections, etc.

Categories that cannot dunddas ranked contain comments to provide greater detail. Pros Easy to use, security features, continual development of product, and they like taking suggestion from their user base on how to make the product better. Dundas BI is like Pandora’s Box. Best visualization and reporting tool ever used.

The vundas of this software is No Linux platform support, in our telecom world Linux is a must when playing with the biggest players. In no particular order: Dundzs patent covers real-time data visualization systems and methods. The patent relates to multi-stage workflow, which allows technical and non-technical users to participate in dashboard creation. Very flexible and innovative, HTML5 web based support and easy to learn and use. Product Challenges Some of the challenges are as follows: Scalability and Extensibility Dundas Dashboard provides the ability to expand use by adding new data sources, providing flexibility in design, and enabling broader deployments.


Creating and Viewing Dashboards

With respect to Dundas Dashboard capabilities specifically, the first relates to consumers of dashboards once they have already been created. The Dundas BI platform is flexible, allowing users to connect and integrate with any data source in real-time, on any device.

About Dundas Data Visualization, Inc. Dundas BI, from Dundas Data Visualization, is a browser-based business intelligence and data visualization platform that includes integrated dashboards, reporting tools, and data analytics. Dundas Data Visualization fits within the broader Business Intelligence market in the following ways: Product Review Methodology The product review is based on in-depth interviews and product demonstrations with Dundas to identify technology and positioning.

What are the general features and functions provided and how do these compare to market demands? It operates in a Microsoft IT environment.

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