2 Qualifying criteria Introduction Qualifying criteria Our logo is a registered trademark. Any organisation that wishes to refer to Drinkaware, or the Drinkaware . Drinkaware logo vector. Download free Drinkaware vector logo and icons in AI, EPS, CDR, SVG, PNG formats. drinkaware-logo. Testimonials.. Dec Mr Price – Mazda Owner. As always, the work was carried out in a professional and friendly.

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The Drinkaware logo should be displayed on screen for a minimum of four seconds. Except as provided in the Copyright Act Commonwealth.


When The subject is the effects of alcohol on health and wellbeing, risks associated with alcohol consumption above the government s guidelines, general alcohol awareness.

Also, if used next to other logos it must not be overpowering but equal in size and position. For asset assistance, please see the contacts below. How does alcohol affect me? Tell me about Drinkaware. Funding companies and partners should use this logo for any consumer facing activity aimed at young adults. Box Kearney, NE Fax: We have written this booklet to More information. Version 3 – March Symantec Identity Guidelines Contents The Symantec Identity Guidelines explain how to consistently and effectively apply the most visual elements of the Symantec brand.

Tackling binge drinking among year olds Tackling binge drinking among year olds Drinkaware aims to change the UK s drinking habits for the better. Use of More information. This includes information about logo, colors, formats More information.



The responsible choice for farmed seafood. Driving the morning after drinking Alcohol could stay in your system longer than you might think More information Alcohol poisoning Learn to recognise its symptoms and keep yourself and loved ones safe More information Here to help Confidential advice without picking up the phone Start chat. drinmaware

Attributes who we are and what we do Drinkaware reserves the right to withdraw use of its logo at anytime. It s now represented by the Pearson name inside a bar and we ve removed the arc More information.

Start display at page:. See the difference Drink Free Days could make to you Tips, info and advice to get started. Equivalent 6 slices of pizza. Select the drinks above to see what 14 units. If you drink no more than 14 single shots a week you will be at low risk of alcohol affecting your health. Drinkawaee sure you have drinkawarw Drinkaware trademark licence. Million Hearts brings together More information. These elements must only be used in the approved relationships and.

Please There are three versions of the Drinkaware logo serving different purposes. Equivalent 12 Small hot chocolates with cream. Why The shorter strapline is sufficient when displayed in contex of alcohol. When should the Canon logo be used? We encourage you to use these assets and identity guidelines to promote your accreditation More information.


The logo exclusion zone The logo and strapline fits into a rectangular box and is surrounded by an exclusion zone to prevent it from being crowded by other logos, text or imagery. The exclusion zone starts outside the rectangular box created by the logo and strapline together. In fact, these traditional ways of trying to sober up a friend can do far more harm than good.

These elements are designed to convey.

Brand help and reviews: General display advertising content log, technical specs and ad units available can be found at: Download “Drinkaware Logo Guidelines”. Compare your drinking with the rest of the UK Think you might need to cut down? Furthermore, you can discover optional elements meant to inspire to a varied and creative design.

Correct application of the Babson logo strengthens the Babson brand. Brand identity guidelines Version 1. Radio script Please include one of these phrases: Vector eps, tiff, jpg and PNG. All of these pieces must be addressed when using the.

Britain s Ocean City.

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