Picture of an origami double star flexicube; Designed by Dave Brill; Folded by Sara Adams;. In fact there wasn’t an elegant way of doing this (in an origami sense). I used trial and error: firstly I made the Yoshimoto Cube (aka Double Star Flexicube), then. David Brill – Double Star Flexicube. Post by Froy» Tue Mar 25, pm. Hi! Greetings from Mexico. I have been looking for diagrams or something from.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. So after a couple of hours douvle I cut some more paper and gave it another try. Words can clarify what’s going on, and not everyone has the same music taste.

If the difficulty level of this project is considered ‘low intermediate’, I’d hate to think what the ‘high expert’ level is like! Lines and paragraphs break automatically.

Please show your results. What I mean by a “full” double star flexicube is, well, a thing that has the two able to fit together, and turn as one. In the diagrams Dave says to do two identical constructions. It did not come out to good.

Use a solid colour background for more clarity. I want to do this with my school pupils aged around 8 or 9. Even Google can do those conversion for you.


What size of paper? The video is short enough for you to include the steps you removed. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This means that if you have a paper of width 10cm, then it has to be about By “put together part” do you mean adding the hinges? Then viewers will be able to profit from your findings more easily! That’s why there’s none available from me.

It’d be great if others would, too. I tried this one but it’s a little to hard but thanks Sara! Double Star Flexicube David Brill: If you form a star of one of the constructions and a cube of the other one, the star should fit into the cube.

Glue the units themselves together using tape. I just looked under the video and saw staar for it! I’d be really grateful if you knew something simple I could wtar them.

Cube box and Double Star Flexicube

Hm, I’d go for either the rotating tetrahedra by Tomoko Fuse 3 sheets, quite simple – unfortunately I haven’t contacted Fuse-san on permission yetor Kazuo Haga’s Tetrahedron: A4 is the standard printing paper size in most countries. You sometimes jump over steps and for that use special effects. David has done some nice diagrams, which you might find helpful: Both models require several hours of folding, provided you have very advanced origami skills and the right paper for the model.

I suggest you make two, and if they don’t quite fit together, you can remove the hinges.


Double-Star Flexi-Cube – Setting the Crease

Notify f,exicube of new posts via email. I cant quite figure out how to make the double star flexicube Is there another way to make the double star flexicube.

Skip to main content. I’m not sure how big the selection will be e.

Leave this field blank. I hope your reply would help me.

The Origami Forum • View topic – David Brill – Double Star Flexicube

Is it cereal box card the thickness of a cereal box or any Cardboard that brown coloured stiff paper. Simply check the related video http: I used the following paper in this model: I need to know if my atar on origami are clear enough! And if you cut it in half again thus getting a quarterthat’s still true, of course! Learn how your comment data is processed.

Double Star Flexicube (David Brill): Instructions

Changing weather at Round Nursery. This is a flexicube, no? My cubes are the same size: If there is anything you can tell to help me, it would be greatly appreciated, and, even if there isn’t, thank you very much for trying.

There are instructions for this here:

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