This was the verse of scripture that St. John Paul II chose to begin his apostolic letter to the youth of the world, Dilecti amici (“Dear. Oct 2, – am.- “Always be prepared to make a the hope that is in you.” «Previous Page 1 of 1 Next». AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to . DILECTI AMICI JPII TO YOUTH. alt. APOSTOLIC LETTER DILECTI AMICI. OF POPE JOHN PAUL II. TO THE YOUTH OF THE WORLD. “Always be prepared to .

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It bears witness to a fuller expression of that plan of life which we begin to construct in our youth.

Recalling St John Paul II’s message to youth

The question naturally deserves an explanation from many points of view; but to express it in dilectii few words, one can say that the treasure which is youth reveals itself in precisely this shape or form.

Growth “in stature” refers to an individual’s natural relationship with time: For this reason, love is the greatest 39 and the first of all the commandments, as Christ teaches; 40 and in it all the others are included and made one.

It is the time of psychophysical development: However, “the light has come into the world”, 18 “and the darkness has not overcome it”. These words, once written by the Apostle Peter to the first generation of Christians, have a relationship with the whole of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In this way the family inheritance grows wider. It is a question here first of all of the heritage of being a human person, and then of being one in a more precisely defined personal and social situation. Permit me then to complete still further the words of Christ the Lord about the harvest being plentiful. The Gospel which he proclaimed with his lips is definitively sealed by the Cross and the Resurrection in the Paschal Mystery.


Are we not shown this by the very experience of our own time, wherever God has been removed beyond the limits of evaluations, estimations and actions?

Let it develop into the maturity of a vocation! Yes, this harvest of the Gospel is plentiful, this harvest of salvation! And simultaneously the same conscience, through moral values, imprints the most expressive seal upon the life of the generations, upon the history and culture of human environments, societies, nations and of all humanity.

But the Pope still fully identifies with your hopes and aspirations. Much depends on the fact that you, on this path too, should follow Christ; that you should not flee from him, when you are occupied with this matter which you rightly consider the great event of your heart, a matter that exists only in you and between you.

In the words of divine Revelation is inscribed the clear code of morality, of which the dielcti of the Decalogue of Mount Sinai remain the key- point, and the culmination of which is found in the Gospel: She sees herself on the paths of ecumenism, on the paths towards the unity of all Christians, for which Christ himself prayed and which is of unquestionable urgency in our time.

It is dilect question here of a full and profound human authenticity and of an equal authenticity of the development of the human personality, female or male, with all the characteristics which make up the unrepeatable features of this personality, and which at the same time and in different ways have an impact on the life of the community and of the various environments, beginning with the family.

It should therefore serve the truth. Evil is put forward as a good and good itself is rejected. The Apostle writes that you young people are strong in the strength of divine doctrine: Try us out on any web browser — desktop, mobile, or tablet.

He puts it in the context of this particular interior sphere in which he has learned to be in a close relationship with Dileecti, above all in prayer. It is also necessary-and always in relationship with the Eucharist-to reflect on the Sacrament of Penance, which is of irreplaceable importance for the formation of the Christian personality, especially if it is linked with spiritual direction, which is a systematic school of the interior life.


The Evangelist certainly does not say this: In the different nations and societies; in individual families!


This word “leaves” deserves special attention. These questions show how man without God cannot understand himself, and cannot even fulfil himself without God. Youth SynodDilecti amici. It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea, than diecti he should cause one of these little ones to sin”.

Why are so many dying of hunger?

For in these two sacraments is contained the fundamental deposit of the Christian life and vocation. Let us go on to consider that this central point, at which our personal “I” opens up to life “with others” and “for others” in the marriage covenant, finds in Sacred Scripture a very important passage: Christ speaks in this way to a young person, a boy or a girl; his conversation takes place in different parts of the world, in the midst of the different nations, races and cultures.

About WYD – Panama WYD

Manage episode series Man needs this loving look. This can be called a great adventure, but it is also a great task. It seems nevertheless that when faced by certain questions these many different communities of young people feel, think and react in a very similar way.

The Christian is capable of living in the dimension of gift.

In this way too, when you leave, each one of you remains:

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