The Dhammapada is the most widely read Buddhist scripture in existence. This accessible translation combines Gil Fronsdal’s personal knowledge of the. 1 Mar Selections from Gil Fronsdal’s new translation of the Pali text that has inspired and guided countless practitioners on the Buddhist path. Also, John Bullitt, Gil Fronsdal, Charles Hallisey, Karen King, Andrew The Dhammapada, an anthology of verses attributed to the Buddha, has long been.

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Your email address will not be shared with anyone! The mind, hard to see, Subtle—alighting where it wishes— The sage protects.

Audio Dharma; Insight Meditation Center. Search Metta Refuge Search for: About Steven Goodheart “I have made a ceaseless effort not to ridicule, not to bewail, not to scorn human actions, but to understand them. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Whoever is defiled And devoid of self-control and truth, Yet wears fronwdal saffron robe, Is unworthy of the saffron robe.

The Inexhaustable, Inspiring Dhammapada – Lion’s Roar

Those who know the essential to be essential And the inessential as inessential Reach the essential, Living in the field of right intention. Why, thank you so much, MaiCheya!

Blog Statsvisits. Knowing this distinction, Vigilant sages rejoice in vigilance, Delighting In the field of the noble ones.


I would like to offer here at Metta Refuge fronscal complete Dhammapada as translated and read by Gil Fronsdal. By far the most popular text teaching how to walk this path is the Dhammapadaa collection of verses from the earliest period of Buddhism in India. The restless, agitated mind, Hard to protect, hard to control, The sage makes straight, As a fletcher the dhammaada of an arrow. May All Beings Be Happy. Through effort, vigilance, Restraint, and self-control, The wise person can become an island No flood will overwhelm.

I will add this link to the blog, too, so folks can download the files if they want to. For those who are unsteady of mind, Who do not know true Dharma, And whose serenity wavers, Wisdom does not mature. Whoever lives Focused on the unpleasant, Senses guarded, Moderate with food, Faithful and diligent, Will not be overpowered by Mara, As a stone mountain is unmoved by the wind.

Thanks for stopping by, Steve.

Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube. The scent of virtue Is unsurpassed Even by sandalwood, rosebay, Water lily, and jasmine. The vigilant do not die; The negligent are as if already dead.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Speak or act with a corrupted mind, And suffering follows As the wagon wheel follows the hoof of the ox. One who makes merit rejoices in fronsdall life, Rejoices in the next, Rejoices in both worlds.

Though he described it as an ancient pathway, hidden and forgotten until he rediscovered it, it remains as relevant today as it was in his time, 2, years ago. How do I download the Dhammapada audio?????? As a sweet-smelling lotus Pleasing to the heart May grow in a heap of rubbish Fronsdl along the highway, So a disciple of the Fully Awakened One Shines with wisdom Amid the rubbish heap Of dhammapaa, common people.


The Inexhaustable, Inspiring Dhammapada

The verses point to a possibility of peace and freedom that I find breathtakingly simple dhammaada its profundity. Like a beautiful flower, Brightly colored but lacking scent, So are well-spoken words Fruitless when not carried out. Vigilant among the negligent, Wide awake among the sleeping, The wise one advances Like a swift horse leaving a weak one behind.

Slight Is the scent of rosebay or sandalwood, But the scent of the virtuous is supreme, Drifting even to the gods. This sister blog to Metta Refuge offers short dharma insights and articles for your daily dharma practice and inspiration.

The gods praise vigilance, Forever rejecting negligence. All experience is preceded by mind Led by mind Made by mind. May these beautiful readings and their wisdom be a help and fronsdxl to ddhammapada life and practice!

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