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est de Aptitudes Diferenciales DAT 5 El Test de Habilidades Mentales Primarias “PMA” (Thurstone, ) Test de Aptitudes. Diferenciales. TEST DAT (APTITUDES). Updated 29 May Transcript. TEST DE. APTITUDES (TAD). VIVIANA GONZALEZ DIAZ. ORIETTA NORDIO PONTIVO. Documents Similar To Test Aptitudes Diferenciales. Presentación-interpretación Manual Test de Aptitudes Diferenciales DAT. Uploaded by. Javier Salcedo.

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Tolerates disorder, unexacting, casual, lax. The Psychological Corporation, While dominance can create a commanding, take-charge social presence, at times it can be seen as overbearing, stubborn or argumentative. Crea un blog o un sitio web gratuitos con WordPress. They tend to like solitude, often focusing attention on intellectual, mechanical, or artistic pursuits, where they can aptituddes quite effective.

Reactive, easily upset, temperamental.

At the extreme, they can inhibit their spontaneity, sometimes to the point of appearing constricted. The source of tension should be explored when scores are a;titudes high. They tend to stick to traditional ways of doing things.


Socially sat, outgoing, gregarious, adventuresome. They tend to be organized, plan ahead, persevere, and work conscientiously. Emotional Stability C ———————————————————————————.

While self-reliant people are autonomous in their thoughts and actions, extreme scorers may be uncomfortable working collaboratively or neglect interpersonal consequences of their actions. Though they may not be the life of the party or the most entertaining person in a group, their quiet attentiveness can make them reliable and mature. These Global Factors are: That is, because they are comfortable, they may diferencialed disinclined to change or push themselves.


They may find it hard to rein in their enthusiasm in situations that call for restraint or decorum.

They are high spirited and stimulating and drawn to lively social situations. These feelings may be in response to current life events or they may be characteristic. At the extreme, they can be perceived as inflexible, moralistic, or self-righteous.

Low scores can also result from a range of problems affecting concentration and motivation. The extreme low score aptituds reflect an avoidance of anything aptitudse about the self. They tend to be artistic and refined in their interests and tastes.

[PDF] Test de Aptitudes Diferenciales DAT: Con Cuadernillos (Spanish Edition) Full Online

Shy, socially timid, threat-sensitive, easily embarrassed. They tend to focus on practical, observable realities of their environment and may be better at working on a specific solution than at imagining possible solutions. Cuestionario de personalidad para adolescentes Schuerger, J. Trusting, unsuspecting, forgiving, accepting.

est de Aptitudes Diferenciales DAT 5 by on Prezi

Primary Factors — Definitions. For some test takers, reactivity can reflect current life stressors; for others, it may characterize their way of life.

Extreme scorers may be thick-skinned or attention seeking. Emotionally sensitive, intuitive, cultured, sentimental. Traditional, attached to familiar, resistant to change.


Carefree, enthusiastic, spontaneous, energetic. Social Boldness H ———————————————————————————. They tend to be comfortable leaving things to chance, tending to be spontaneous rather than planful, organized, and structured.

At the extreme, they maintain their privacy at the expense diferencialex developing few close relationships. They enjoy spending time alone and prefer to rely on their own thinking and judgment.

They are willing to talk about themselves readily, even about fairly personal matters. Texto Anne-Lise Christensen Madrid: Existen dos formas 1 y 2 que corresponden a niveles de dificultad diferentes.

They are laid back, easy-going, and composed. At the extreme, apttiudes may not initiate or be open to change, even when the situation calls for it. Warm, caring, soft-hearted, and generous. Reserved, impersonal, distant, formal.

Download Test de Aptitudes Diferenciales DAT: Con Cuadernillos (Spanish Edition) Read Online

For example, dominant people who are also Warm A may be more thoughtful than reserved people. Cattell ; autores del manual Mary T. Extreme scorers may seem flexible and spontaneous, but they may also seem unorganized, unprepared, or undisciplined. Openness to Change Q1 ———————————————————————————.

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