tation within this manual, Danfoss makes no warranty or This manual can be used with all VLT AQUA Low Harmonic Drive frequency converters with software . MAKING MODERN LIVING POSSIBLE. Operating Instructions. VLT. ®. AQUA Drive FC kW 2 Aug This publication contains information proprietary to Danfoss. By accepting and VLT® AQUA Drive High Power Instruction Manual MG

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Specifications VLT AQUA Drive Automatic adaptations to ensure performance The adjustable frequency drive constantly checks for critical levels of internal temperature, load current, high voltage on the intermediate circuit and low motor speeds.

Safety of low voltage ports PELV conditions. Motor overload has tripped. Each parameter has a name and number which remain the same regardless of the programming mode. Find the related technical documentation. Consequently, the instructions in this manual, as well as national and danfoss vlt aqua drive manual rules and safety regulations, must be followed. Alarms and warnings A warning or an alarm is signaled by the relevant LED on the front of the adjustable frequency drive, indicated by a code on the display.

For the best adaptation of the adjustable frequency drive, run the AMA on a cold motor. Also make sure that other voltage inputs have been disconnected linkage of DC intermediate circuitas well as the motor connection for kinetic backup. Status messages displaying icons and graphics. Please ensure that the outer insulation of the motor cable is removed under the EMC clamp Motor connection for B1 and B2 5.


A phase is missing on the supply side, or the line voltage imbalance is too high. DC intermediate circuit coils. Danfoss vlt aqua drive manual off the adjustable frequency drive and replace the brake resistor see par Brake Check. The following parameter groups are accessible: Menu key and LEDs – changing parameters and switching between display functions.

User Manual March 31, v1. Therefore, it is strongly.

The quick menu parameters can be accessed immediately unless a password has been created via par. Danfoss vlt aqua drive manual AC Enclosure E Menu key [Menu] Danvoss one of the manuql modes: There is no communication to the adjustable frequency drive.

Deive warning is issued if the output frequency has reached its Warning speed low par. First danfoss vlt aqua drive manual the motor ground, then place motor U, V and W wires in the terminal and tighten them. The Minimum Reference is the lowest value obtainable by adding all references together Maximum Reference Option: Please ensure that the outer insulation of the motor cable is removed under the EMC clamp Wiring Example and Testing The following section describes how to terminate and access control wires.

How to program the adjustable frequency drive Type Par.

Incorrect installation of the motor, adjustable frequency drive or serial communication bus may cause damage to the equipment, serious personal injury or death.

Mary Williams 2 years ago Views: Function Set-ups choices appear.

Information is displayed about the condition of the adjustable frequency drive before it vrive Alarm mode. The control panel is divided into four functional groups: The ground leakage currents are higher than 3.

If the adjustable frequency drive is in Process control, closed-loop par. View the number of CAN control receipt errors since the last power-up.


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When mounting cables, first mount and tighten the ground cable. If the motor cable is short by a few yardsthe rise time and peak voltage are lower. The default value danfoss vlt aqua drive manual to the nominal rated [, V] Enter the nominal motor voltage according to the motor name- output of the unit.

VFD Lesson 3. M VLT is a registered Danfoss trademark. For example, vvlt prevents switching on digital inputs from disturbing analog inputs. If this is done, it will reduce the RFI performance to A2 level.

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Use par as another example: How to operate the adjustable frequency drive 6. Use [Status] for selecting the mode of display or for changing back to display mode from either the danfoss vlt aqua drive manual menu mode, the main menu mode or alarm mode.

Enter the Minimum Reference. Current Maximum current of the adjustable frequency drive. Press [Function Setups] for setting up the required functionality of the frequency converter – if not already covered by the settings in [Quick Setup]. Menu keys and LEDs – for selecting mode, changing danfoss vlt aqua drive manual and switching between display functions. The adjustable frequency drive has been designed to work using a motor cable with a rated crosssection.

Press [OK] to accept the new setting.

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