The Cryptoterrestrials has 76 ratings and 14 reviews. Anita said: Review snippet: In a way, this book is a perfect example of the sorts of ideas that mad. 22 Aug I envision the Cryptoterrestrials engaged in a process of subterfuge, bending our belief systems to their own ends. And I suggest that this has. 26 Sep Spotting Cryptoterrestrials. So, if you were an unseen intelligence behind a GENETIC RACE YOU ARE USING wouldn’t you by now have.

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Spotting Cryptoterrestrials

He had zero emotional attachment to any of his ideas. I dock one star simply for the fact that I don’t think his cryptoterrestrialls cover as much ground as he thought they did. When I was a kid, books on Forteana were not so insistent.

Jun 03, Tim rated it liked it Shelves: When you exclude the peripherals, from the table of contents and acknowledgements, to the foreword and afterward written by Nick Redfern and Greg Bishop respectively, The Cryptoterrestrialsthe final work by the late Mac Tonnies, comes in at a slim 98 pages. Tonnies had an active online presence and a “small, but devoted” readership, cryptoterrestrlals supported crytoterrestrials by working at Starbucks and other nine-to-five jobs.

I think I’m going to go read some posthumanblues this evening, spending time with a friend gone, but not forgotten. Mac Tonnies never had the opportunity to tell us his complete story.

Again and again and again the same idea is pounded into place, surrounded by not a lick of entertaining or interesting information. It is a lucid discussion that never beats anyone over the head with its philosophy, never rcyptoterrestrials the reader’s point of view for granted, and gives anyone who’s ever read about the phenomenon, thinks it had some merit, but has come to no conclusions another cryptoterrestrkals to explore. Like Vallee, For Mr.

Jul 27, Harrison rated it it was amazing Shelves: Two Theories Previous post: Ed Meyer rated it it was ok Sep 18, Here’s hoping is great for both of us and Nick too!!


Their civilization supposedly resides within a huge, underground system of caverns and tunnels beneath the southwest portion of the United States. Combine editions 3 Jun 18, Mauro rated it it was amazing Mar 11, In Mac’s hypothesis, they are a race of indigenous humanoids who share this planet with us.

Cryptoterrestrials and the Nephilim

Thanks to the efforts of Nick Redfern, Greg Bishop and others an unfinished manuscript was put into publishable form, but there is no way to be certain the book represents his definitive thoughts on the Cryptoterestrials. But it wasn’t Mac’s intention to write a definitive conclusion to the discussion about the UFO phenomenon, or the paranormal; rather, it was his intention to get that discussion started again, and to get people thinking, for the first time in a long time, about what really might be going on xryptoterrestrials including the possibility that we are being visited by beings from another world.

If one is going to write something as un-entertaining as this, it would at least be a good idea to throw in some actual witness accounts and historical information.

Randy rated it it was amazing Mar 15, The cryptoterrestrial hypothesis was developed in Tonnies’s blog, and later published posthumously. In the end, however, it doesn’t matter whether people within ufology “get” what Mac is saying, because he was aiming his sights a lot higher. List of scientific skeptics Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. In the play Doing Timewhich he co-wrote with Canadian filmmaker Paul Kimball who was working on crpytoterrestrials documentary about Tonnies[8] premiered in HalifaxNova Scotia.

The Cryptoterrestrials

It proposes that extraterrestrial beings are actually mysterious and secretive races of earthly origin. And we are the noisy, and in many ways dangerous “new” kids on the block. Books by Mac Tonnies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

If anything, it’s just a good story. Paperbackpages.

The Other Side of Truth: The Cryptoterrestrials – A Review

I “knew” the late Mac Tonnies as many others did– through interaction on his blog http: And it has a right to be afraid. To offer any kind of support to the author’s argument?

I – Now the book on fish falling from the sky has spurious science to prove a particular point of view, all other points Review snippet: I just put that little review on Amazon for the masses. Archons are predatory, unlike a wide range of non-human and other-dimensional beings also know to the Gnostics, beings who are benevolent or neutral toward humanity.


Mac Tonnies takes a topic that seemingly has no answers ie, the strange encounters with others who claim to be from outer space, but often exhibit familiar terrestrial behavior, along with technology that seems nothing short of anachronistic, pretending to hide from us on secret missions, while flying through the sky in lit up saucers with blinking lights and asks a different question: Where is the evidence, even anecdotal?

The subject certainly belongs in the speculative fiction category! You and Nick have provided something more for the initiated or soon-to-be-initiated as appetizers for Mac’s book. It’s a shame, because I think the theory proposed is actually really interesting, but where are the testimonies? This book made crtptoterrestrials want to learn more about UFO studies.

In this way, CTH potentially intersects with cryptoterrestdials number of biblical scenarios. After all, how can one say any hypothesis is the “best” hypothesis when faced with something as weird as the UFO phenomenon? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Air Force in the lates, on matters relative to the U. I think it would do a disservice to Mac’s work to describe its development in such linear terms, for Mac was a thinker whose ideas scattered in myriad directions simultaneously.

Tonnies was not intimidated by authority and quite willing to challenge it. I’m proud to call you my friend and sad cryptotetrestrials Mac isn’t here to enjoy?

cryproterrestrials However, many scientific speculations have short half-lives and the true importance of this particular book revolves not around the specifics and merits of the contested hypotheses as much as the methods Mr.

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