The Cosmic Chess Match: An ongoing war has been raging in another dimension and spilling over into ours since the beginning of creation in the far distant. The Cosmic Chess match has 83 ratings and 5 reviews. Lavern said: Like others of Marzulli’s books his writing style is conversational which makes it easy. Description. The Cosmic Chess Match. by L. A. Marzulli. A war has been raging in another dimension and spilling over into ours since the beginning of Creation.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Mengele, who was called the angel of death at Auschwitz, would have applauded the procedure. Moshier rated it it was amazing Dec 25, This image appears to be moving down the sides of the pyramid. Chesss Barrett rated it it was amazing Nov 22, The Maya built huge temple complexes.

Is this why a UFO is reported once every ten minutes in some part of our globe, because cosmuc ritualistic blood sacrifice has literally opened the doors to the second heaven? Trivia About The Cosmic Chess I want to let you examine the text for yourself:. I believe that the rise of the occult and the demonic in our society is obvious with the obsession with vampires, werewolves, witches, and slash movies like Sawand of course the burgeoning UFO phenomena.

With the current advances in biotechnology and our new-found knowledge of the human genome we have, finally, the basis for understanding this verse.


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cehss He has a way of putting information together to make sense to the average person like me. Want to Read saving…. The Maya were a group of people living in Central Mexico.

The seeds of the present global chaos were the result of one of the earliest moves in this match. I’ve been a Bible-believing, Bible studying Christian for 40 years. When Messiah is born Herod tries to kill him, but Joseph is warned in a dream and flees so the child is safe. Paul rated it really liked it Dec 20, However, we can see that the knowledge he gave to the Maya is affecting the modern culture today in ways that no one would have predicted a century ago.

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However, most of us know him by Satan. I pray everyone gets both these books and devours them in preparation for what’s to come.

It is no accident that Judas is in place. However, having established who the Maya were, it is time for us to move to magch next so-called prophet. Moses has led the children of Israel for a while and now they are at the borders of the Promised Land.

Cosmic Chess Match with L.A. Marzulli on Vimeo

Click here Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? One such complex is the Temple of Kulkulcan at Chechen Itza in which a pyramid of stone, not unlike the great pyramid of Giza, was constructed between the 9th and 12 th centuries A. Why are our children listening to music that calls for aliens to have sex with cosnic Remember, the Fallen One is not sure of what the mission is.


April Adams rated it it was amazing May 19, What I would like to do, however, is point out in the narrative the workings of the Fallen One and how his actions, which he believes will bring him victory or checkmate in the cosmic chess match, will in the end prove to be his ultimate un-doing.

Mar 01, Susan Stewart-veneziani added it. Abortions are nothing more than modern day ritualistic, satanic, blood sacrifices. April 19 — St. Wade became law, and not only in America, but the practice of abortion went global as a form of birth control.

Victor rated it it was amazing Fosmic 25, The voice that whispers through time! The Silver Thread of Life: Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. The Fallen One has found his allies and now because he believes the opportunity is presenting itself, he enters into Judas that he may bring about the fruition of his plan to kill Jesus.

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