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14 mars Cette rubrique explique comment réduire une base de données au la fin du fichier vers un espace inoccupé plus proche de l’avant du fichier. 21 Apr When you save an Excel workbook as an XML Spreadsheet file (*.xml), and the workbook contains large ranges of special formatting, the size. Comment extraire des pages d’un document PDF pour créer un nouveau document PDF. Il arrive que vous n’ayez pas besoin de récupérer un document entier.

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Optionally, select the Empty file by migrating the data to other files in the same filegroup check box. When enough free space is created at the end of the file, data pages at end of the file can be deallocated and returned to the file system.

Réduire une base de données | Microsoft Docs

You shrink a database. The path is not editable, but it can be copied to the clipboard. To view the current amount of free unallocated space in the database. This reduces the file size without moving any data.

CutePDF Writer est un programme gratuit. Copy uun paste the following example into the query window and click Execute.


Select a filegroup from the list of Filegroups associated with the selected File type above. Configurez le nom et l’emplacement du nouveau document. Optionally, select the Release unused space check box.

Comment reduire un fichier cannot shrink a database while the database is being backed up. Displays the sum of free space in the log and data files of the selected database. Displays the name of the selected comment reduire un fichier.


If you shrink a database repeatedly and notice revuire the database size grows again, this comment reduire un fichier that the space comment reduire un fichier was shrunk is required for regular operations.

Permissible values are between 0 and En continuant la navigation, vous acceptez notre politique sur les cookies. Consider the following information when you plan to shrink a database: La boite de dialogue Pages extraites va s’afficher. Obtenez une application gratuite. Expand Databases and then right-click the database that you want to shrink.

Comment réduire le poids d’un fichier png facilement

Select a file from the list of available files of the selected filegroup and file type. Select the file type for the file. From the Standard bar, click New Query.

comment reduire un fichier The database cannot be made smaller than the minimum size of the database. Les vignettes de page apparaissent sur la gauche, affichant les miniatures des pages du document. The primary data file cannot be made smaller than the size of the primary file in the model database.


If comment reduire un fichier is selected, the Shrink file to value must be specified. A shrink operation is most effective after an operation that creates lots of unused space, such as a truncate table or a drop table operation. Seul Adobat Pro autorise l’extraction de pages, mais Acrobat Reader ne fait ni extraction ni impression.

To shrink a data or log file, using: Point to Taskspoint to Shrinkand then click Database. Work completed before encountering the columnstore index will succeed so the database might be comment reduire un fichier. This causes index fragmentation and can slow the performance of queries that search a range of the index. Specifies the target file size for the shrink operation.

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