The Colle is definitely not an aggressive opening in the classical sense. If you like the positions that you get with the Colle, by all means, play it. D05 – Queen’s pawn game, Rubinstein (Colle-Zukertort) variation: 1. d4 d5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. e3 e6 4. Bd3 c5 5. b3. Search the chess games database, download. I selected games played with the Colle-Zukertort System for you below from recent times, but just wins and losses to make it interesting. Study the various lines.

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Often, Black retreats his Knight from f6 to dislodge your Knight on e5. The production value is excellent.

Colle Zukertort System

I recommend this book to all players who want to put bite back in zukerort game!!!! The Colle is about building very small advantages over a long period of time. You will learn how to attack your opponent from move 1 and create a new threat with every single move! The point is you pay attention and take the course that best suits you. No beginners are able to memorize enough cutting-edge theory that anything past move 5-ish is likely to show up in their games.

It must also be said that getting zukertodt the colle itself help vary the play as you will also experience other positions to the standard “mainline” set up to help your chess development, also, you will need something else vs Kings Indian, Grunfeld, Dutch set ups as the Colle is ineffective vs those openings. This means that white can develop in a known fashion before initiating contact and only zukkertort follow xukertort prescribed plans.


You might ask why. It doesn’t matter if you win fast or win slowly.


Don’t allow Black to place anything but a pawn on d5 or c5. This way you can spend more of your chess study time on the meatier areas of the game. In the Koltanowski version, White plays 5. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

The Colle is definitely not an aggressive zkertort in the classical sense. The Bottom Line Susan Polgar is an excellent teacher and has created a first class zukertorh.

That’s a great and comprehensive answer Andrew, thanks! Retrieved from ” https: The strategic plan behind the Colle System is to aim for a kingside attack. The Colle Zukertort is a very simple opening, and can serve as a complete white opening reportoire. For example, you start out playing for the rapid king-side attack. Sometimes it happens when the Queen is on c7 and a rook on c1, but the idea is to fix the centre with Ne5 and then attack on the kingside.

The author does not assume you are a world-class player. Some general guidelines for playing the C-Z: White develops his pieces, giving black no targets and then at the precise moment, opens the game with the thematic e4 thrust. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. His engaging “conversational” writing style, his focus on explaining themes and patterns rather than dumping a bunch of analysis on the page, and his excellent sense of design and presentation have been widely praised.


If the d5 pawn were gone, then such a move would be very dangerous due to Blacks light squared bishop. By not occupying the center, white avoids confrontation until later in the game. If you love science you may be interested in his books on common science misconceptions.

But, you may object, is it not possible to play the King’s Gambit less aggressively?

As most of you reading this already know, when you play the Colle Opening named after the Belgian master Edgar Colleyou have a major decision to make on move five. Once you’ve advanced beyond beginner, you will want greater variety of openings and games.

Learn the Opening the Easy Way: The Colle-Zukertort System

Hope thats of use to u. On a scale ofLearn the Opening the Easy Way: PeskyGnat 1, 9 White has achieved the basic Colle setup and is prepared for the thematic pawn push to e4. It does make an interesting “home ground” for players just learning how to handle middle game positions — it’s a place to stand while working on other ideas.

This is a refreshing writing style ccolle new ideas which should be helpful for the master to beginner player. Black has a variety of approaches to counter the Colle System.

They are not aggressive at all, compared to the other stuff, which is why I have adopted it.

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