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SAE SISTEMATIZAÇÃO DA ASSISTÊNCIA DE ENFERMAGEM RESOLUÇÃO COFEN/ Dispõe sobre a Sistematização da Assistência de Enfermagem. CONSIDERANDO a Resolução Cofen nº , de 15 de outubro de , que dispõe sobre a sistematização da assistência de Enfermagem e a implementação. Anamnese é a entrevista inicial que o técnico de enfermagem ou enfermeiro faz com o paciente. Consiste no preenchimento de uma ficha ou questionário.

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Flowchart of the material exploration step. Souza Junior, Luiz C de Abreu. Monteiro, Fernando Adami, Luiz C.


Contributions in the field of public health for decision-making in health. The authors have no funding and no conflicts of interest to disclose.

After all the reasoning of the rules and how the 2009 will direct their analysis of content, will proceed the second stage called exploration of the material ; to begin the rules implementation the researcher should develop a new reading of CORPUS. Flowchart of the step treatment of the results obtained and interpretation, Source: The NCS is the instrument that provides the use of scientific principles and a work methodology that promotes the interrelationship of actions, favoring the assistance rendered to the human being, contributing to the quality of emergency care.

Nowadays, it is urgent to organize the nursing service in public and private units through the implementation of NCS; however, it is still necessary to awake the professionals to the need of searching for knowledge and to reduce the dichotomy between academia and professional practice.

Revista Rede Enfermagem Nordeste ; This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License 4. The content analysis CA must be developed through 3 chronological poles allowing the researcher to construct an analysis structure that corresponds to the needs of the research and the objectives of the proposed research; The chronological poles of CA are described as: The subjects will be asked to formally accept the Terms of Consent and then shall fill out an cofrn instrument developed for the history of nursing.


It constitutes the identification of the units of record, units of context, and subjects that arise ve the readings.

To the Federal University of Acre UFAC for the interinstitutional partnership, academic, and intellectual support with its faculty of counsellors. Esc Anna Nerry Rev Enfermagem ; Validation of an application for pediatric nursing: Concepts and movements in health promotion to guide 385 practices. Como elaborar projetos de pesquisa.

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Building a nursing history form to assess the growth and development in pediatric nursing consultation, using the theoretical framework of Wanda Horta. A semistructured interview will be used for data collection with 16 guiding questions addressing aspects related to NCS knowledge and practices. Bezerra, Fernando Adami, Luiz C. Published online Aug Received Jun 18; Accepted Jun This emergency service attends clinical emergencies, surgical, and traumatic in adults and children, with back-up beds in medical clinic, treatment of acute intoxication and alcohol and other drug withdrawal, pediatric emergency, surgical centre, and service of intensive care unit.

The application of the weighted frequency will allow the correct direction of the analysis of each questioning for the thematic categories and the use of the intensity and direction for the RUs referring to the NCS Knowledge category to define the intensity of the right and wrong answers by the subjects.


Also defined as a systematic and dynamic way of providing nursing care, using 5 interrelated stages: According to Vaz et al, [ 6 ] the NCS assists in building the quality of health care and also in building theoretical and scientific knowledge based on the best clinical practices. However the implementation of it in professional practice is still in incipient in the country and the successful experiences are sometimes not described in the specialized literature.

Instrument for nursing consultation of hypertensive patients treated in the Family Health Units. The training of the professionals does not contribute to the application of the NCS, since there is no implementation of the investigation due to lack of preparation which in fact leaves them deprived of the understanding of the real role of nursing.

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Please review our privacy policy. And the exclusion criteria are: Phase 1—preanalysis, phase 2—exploration of the material: O desafio do conhecimento. The investigator should focus on the perception of the 3588 of new information in each interview, considering the saturation point when the new interviews do not present additions or insignificant information to the research directed by the objectives of the protocol.

The form evaluates the variables:

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