6 days ago Notwithstanding such changes, the concept of Civic and Ethical Education, in Ethiopia, is not a s phenomenon. As Tesfaye et al. (). The contents of history and civic and ethical education textbooks were identities (ethnic and Ethiopian identity) and students’ views on the contribution of . 19 Nov Please cite this article in press as: Bayeh, E., Role of civics and ethical education for the development of democratic governance in Ethiopia.

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Therefore, the study calls for the strong and integrated commitment of the government in the aforementioned areas of drawbacks. Author links open overlay panel Endalcachew Bayeh.

In the same educatikn, the department started its undergraduate summer program with 87 students. Our department has well-prepared and dedicated staffs striving to enlarge its services. The Students Mission of the Department. The department planned to design and implement the curriculum of three more MA programs in this budget year, i.

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It placed being the first university not only to host the department at national level, but also a pioneer to design and offer civic and ethical education common course for undergraduate university students in our country.

To substantiate the data gathered through secondary sources, the researcher also used primary sources where data were collected mainly via key informant interviews. It has brought awareness to the society of what actions and behaviours are expected from a good citizen. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. This nature of the field then requires it to rely more on a curriculum that is capable of generating knowledge, skill and attitude about modern civic and ethical virtues that are systematically geared towards a reflection of primarily national realities and priorities.

Background Civics and Ethics. To achieve this purpose, the researcher employed qualitative methodology.


By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Abstract The purpose of this study is to examine the role of civics and ethical education in building etbical good behaviour of citizens and making them active participants in the development of democratic governance in Ethiopia.

Keywords Civics and ethical education. It has helped to introduce youth to the values of democracy and human rights, which had never existed in the country’s modern history.

This is so because a system of moral values is indispensible in group sthical and nothing can produce a good and secure society if moral values like personal integrity, honesty and self- discipline are lacking.

Here then comes the necessity of the teachings of the field of Civics and Ethics — whose central tenets are citizenship and anf virtues and morality and moral values- in order educstion forge a right balance between the individual and society and rights and responsibilities of each and finally a smooth and harmonious vertical and horizontal relationship of the individual-community-government in a peace, development and democracy loving nation.

This education’s role in building the good behaviour of citizens is an undeniable fact. Mekelle University takes a special place in the development and history of the department.

Background Civics and Ethics

About the Department The department of Civics and Ethics is one of the largest departments in our University. So, by its very nature, the field is largely about national issues and priorities though it also unquestionably has international and global dimensions especially at this age of globalization.

At present the department has one BA program in regular and summer, and one Post Graduate Program in summer.

And, formal education particularly university level- given its national status and societal impact that is not inspired by moral and civic virtues is directionless and is unable to infuse the values of good citizenship and thus can even be counter- productive both nationally and socially.

It has also had a certain practical effect on the ground.


Statistical Information E. Recommended articles Citing articles 0.

The field supports this aim by cultivating and inculcating of some key standard ethical values in the minds of learners with the help of which they can define themselves personally, intellectually and socially as to who they are and what they stand for in times of social interactions and accordingly strive to develop socially good character and be models for others too.

In this case, schools especially universities where intellectual maturity and inquisitive capacity of learners is relatively higher are extremely important in the total process of developing moral and civic values etjical hence their role is one that sometimes no other institution can ethocal play.

The findings of the research outlined the following as major reasons for said limitations: Thus, the research concludes that due to several factors, delivering civics and ethical education does not adequately meet its objectives. Call for PhD scholarship. The Staff Human Resource Our department has well-prepared and dedicated staffs striving to enlarge its services.

By now it has 36 academic employees and 2 support staffs. The purpose of this study is to examine the role of civics and ethical education in building the good behaviour of citizens and making them active participants in the development of democratic governance in Ethiopia.

Pacific Science Review B: Thus, for the practical realization of words on the course, the study calls for the strong commitment of all stakeholders and for them to be role models to others and create an environment conducive to practically building the behaviour and skills needed in the subject.

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